New Government Must Prepare for Military Chiefs’ Expiring Mandates

New Government Must Prepare for Military Chiefs’ Expiring Mandates post thumbnail image

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September 12th, 2017

This report analyzes the defense issues surrounding the mandates of the General Chief of Staff (CEMGFA), the Vice-CEMGFA, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces (CEMFA) and the Component Commanders. FM aims to explain the current situation involving the new government and the military leadership, share important legal opinions, and offer recommendations to the incoming government, the new parliament, and the President of the Republic.

Although the mandates of the armed forces leadership will finish on October 6, 2017, the Defense Ministry has not initiated any discussion about who will replace them. The delays in the formation of the new constitutional government will probably exacerbate this lack of foresight.

There is a strong possibility that this situation will lead to more violations of Timorese law because the new government has not been sworn in yet. Consequently, they will probably be slow to fulfill the constitutionally required procedures necessary to inaugurate new military leaders. Such procedures consist of consulting with the Superior Council of Military Defense, obtaining the approval of the Council Ministry, and receiving authorization from the President of the Republic.

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