F-FDTL Needs Rigid Discipline to Stop F-FDTL Killing

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Parada Militar iha selebrasaun loron FALINTIL 20 Agusto 2012

Several (4-5) F-FDTL soldiers throughout Timor-Leste have been killed during several different incidents this year. This continues a disturbing string of FALINTIL-FDTL soldier killings over the past few years.

All of the dead from this year were killed while off-duty. It is unknown if the resulted from targeted attacks against F-FDTL, from private issues of individual soldiers, or from a mix of the two. Yet Fundasaun Mahein (FM) is concerned about those Timorese responsible fore the killings. Why do they not respect the institution of FALINTIL? How do they think it is acceptable to target somebody who is a member of the institution of FALINTIL, even while off-duty?

Fundasaun Mahein (FM) is also concerned about the F-FDTL soldiers. Why do these soldiers put themselves in unsafe situations? Why do they not limit themselves, even while off-duty? Why do they risk the integrity of the entire institution of F-FDTL with personal bad choices?

Military soldiers should remember that once they join the military, they are associated with F-FDTL for the entire period of their service. During this period the soldiers are identified with the F-FDTL while on-duty and off-duty. In turn, the reputation of F-FDTL institution depends on each soldier. If civilians distrust the F-FDTL institution, the F-FDTL institution cannot function.

Every year, military men die while they are off-duty. This is not good and cannot continue. Therefore, Fundasaun Mahein makes the following recommendations:

To the Commander of the F-FDTL:

1.) Institute tighter rule with more rigid discipline, even during off-duty hours.

2.) Create F-FDTL military compounds – a gated area where soldiers’ family and relatives can stay together, even during off-duty hours.

To the F-FDTL soldiers:

1.) Do not involve themselves in private conflicts and disputes. They are part of the formal channel of conflict resolution on the national level. They need to encourage other formal channels on the local level, such as with the PNTL. This will enable peaceful resolutions to civil disputes and avoid off-duty deaths of F-FDTL soldiers. It will also boost the reputation of the F-FDTL by further legitimizing formal channels of conflict resolution.

To the PNTL and SED

1.) Conduct investigations and determine why these F-FDTL killings occurred, with political consequences against those behind the killings.

1 thought on “F-FDTL Needs Rigid Discipline to Stop F-FDTL Killing”

  1. Tuir ha’u nia hanoin resposta ba problema ida ne mak, ita nia forsa militariu barak mak kuandu tau farda sivil ne sira arogante liu. Ho klaru katak, bainhira sira tau farda sivil, sira gosta halo problema ho povu sira. Ida seluk tan, sira hodi sira nia status nudar forsa ba hanehan povu kik bainhira sira on-duty no mos iha off-duty. Ho ida ne’e halo povu balun rai odiu ba sira no buka dalan atu estraga sira. Nudar forsa no guarda rede ba nasaun ne, forsa sira tenke defende povu no laos atu estraga no haneha povu. Ida seluk tan mak forsa balun, sekaundu sira nia familia hetan problema sira diretamente ba ema nebe halo problema ho sira nia familia no halo violensia ba ema ne. Tuir lolos problema sira hanesan ne kompetensia polisia nasional mak bele rezolve buat ne. Iha ema balun sekuandu sira iha problema sira garante ba sira nia familia husi forsa F-FDTL, no sira bolu sira nia familia forsa hodi ba ameasa ema no baku ema. Se hakarak hatene klaru liu tan hau rekomenda ba governu hodi halo peskiza konaba ida ne hodi bele hatene movtivu saida mak halo povu balu la gosta no odiu forsa F-FDTL

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