Nicolau Lobato: Heroi Timor-Leste iha Ema Nia Rai

Nicolau Lobato: Heroi Timor-Leste iha Ema Nia Rai post thumbnail image
(Foto: internet Nicolau Lobato)

(Foto: internet )

Nicolau Lobato nu’udar heroi nasional ne’ebé dedika nia an tomak ba libertasaun nasional. Heroi atu garante paz no hakmatek ba nia povu husi kolonializmu sira. Ho prinsipiu heroismu ne’e, Nicolau Lobato lidera funu hasoru okupasaun Indonezia ne’ebé invade Timor-Leste iha loron 7 Dezembru 1975. Ikus mai Nicolau Lobato hetan tiru mate iha kontra-atake ho forsa Indonezia iha Mindelo, entre Maubisi, Turiscai no Manufahi, iha loron 31 Dezembru 1978.

Nu’udar heroi no fundador nasaun, depois ukun-an estadu fo honra hodi hari’i estatua no naran Nicolau Lobato ba Aeroportu Internasional Timor-Leste nian. Nomos kada tinan (31 Dezembru) Timor-Leste selebra loron mate heroi Nicolau Lobato. Diskursu no promesa barak husi lideransa nasional hodi buka tuir Nicolau Lobato nia ruin nomos heroi sira seluk ne’ebé to’o ohin loron seidauk hetan ninia paradeiru. Maske nune’e, promesa hela ho promesa deit.

(Foto: Internet)

(Foto: Internet)

Iha inísiu tinan 2015, Governu hamosu polítika “dez-lutu nasional” ne’ebé hamosu pro no kontra iha sosiadade Timor-Leste. Duvida barak kestiona katak Governu tanba saida maka halo politika “dez-lutu nasional” enkuantu ruin saudozu sira ne’ebé mate ba libertasaun nasional sei lemo-lemo iha rai-laran. Inklui ruin saudozu Nicolau Lobato ne’ebé deskonfia sei iha ema nia rai. Nomos polítika “dez-lutu nasional ne’e mai husi se? To’o agora laiha resposta signifikadu husi ukun-na’in sira ba povu.

Loron 31 Dezembru tinan ida ne’e nu’udar loron ikus ba polítika “dez-lutu nasional”. Nune’e loron mate saudozu Nicolau Lobato. Kulturamente iha Timor-Leste wainhira ema halo dez-lutu (kore-metan) signifika katak remata tempu triste ba faze kontente, relasiona ho familia ne’ebé mate. Karik Governu mos sei remata nia triste hodi kontente ho saudozu sira nia ruin ne’ebé to’o ohin loron seidauk halot hamutuk? Oinsa ho pozisaun Governu ba ruin Nicolau Lobato ne’ebé deskonfia sei mes-mesak iha ema nia rain?

Preoukupasaun no duvida sira husi públiku karik sai deit hanesan espresaun sentimentu umanu ba ninia heroi sira ne’ebé mate ba independensia nasional. Poder no desizaun tomak iha Governu no Estadu Timor-Leste nia liman. Maibe, tempu to’o ona Governu presiza buka tuir no rekoilla ruin saudozu sira, inklui ruin saudozu Nicolau Lobato.

Nicolau Lobato nia heroizmu kuaze atu hanesan ho Ernesto Che Guevara, maibe iha pontu ida pelu-kontrariu; Che Guevara ne’ebé mate iha ema nia rai, nia ruin depois lori ba nia rai husi nasaun ne’ebé nia defende hodi kore-an husi rezime otoritariu. Maibe tanba saida maka saudozu Nicolau Lobato ne’ebé mate iha nia rai rasik no defende ninia povu no nasaun to’o ohin loron nia ruin seidauk lori fila mai nia nasaun? Nasaun ne’ebé sivilizadu, nasaun ne’ebé fo honra no dignifika nia heroi sira. La’os deit hari’i monumentu, fo pensaun no selebra nia loron maibe buka tuir ruin saudozu sira hodi halot iha fatin ne’ebé dignu.

Ho nune’e Fundasaun Mahein hakarak rekomenda

1. Rekomenda ba Governu Timor-Leste atu kontinua esforsu polítika iha nivel diplomasia ho Indonezia atu nune’e bele entrega ruin saudozu Nicolau Lobato ba povu no nasaun Timor-Leste.

2. Rekomenda ba Governu Indonezia atu entrega ruin saudozu Nicolau Lobato ba povu no nasaun Timor-Leste nu’udar parte ida komprimenta relatoriu CAVR ne’ebé nasaun rua establese iha tinan 2001.

Nicolau Lobato: A Timorese Hero in Another Country

Nicolau Lobato is a national hero who dedicated his life to the national liberty of Timor-Leste, and who fought to guarantee peace and calm for his people from colonialism. With these heroic principles, Nicolau Lobato led the struggle against Indonesia’s occupation that began with the invasion of Timor-Leste on December 7th, 1975. Ultimately, he was shot and killed in a crossfire against Indonesian forces in Mindelo, between Maubisi, Turiscai and Manufahi, on December 31st, 1978.

Nicolau Lobato is the hero and founder of this nation. After Independence, the state honored his death by erecting statues and christening the international airport of Timor-Leste with his name. Every 31st of December, Timor-Leste celebrates his death day. Many speeches and promises have been made by national leaders over the years to look for his remains and the remains of other Timorese rebels that have yet to be found. Thus far, those promises have been meaningless.

(Foto: Internet)

(Foto: Internet)

In the beginning of 2015, the government created a policy of remembrance called “Taking off of the Black” (“Dez-lutu Nasional”) that has led to both detriments and benefits in Timorese society. Many critics have questioned how the government can create such a policy as “Dez-lutu Nasional” while the remains of so many heroes who died for national liberty are scattered across the nation, yet to be found. Included among those missing from the days of occupation is Nicolau Lobato, whose body is suspected to be held outside the country. Who has pushed for this “Dez-lutu Nasional” policy? Thus far, there has been no appropriate response from government leaders to the people.

December 31st marks the final day of “Dez-lutu Nasional” this year. The death day of Nicolau Lobato is marked with citizens celebrating the ‘taking off of the black’ (“Dez-lutu” or “Kore-metan”), signifying an end to the county’s period of mourning and a transition to celebration, particularly the families of the dead.
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Does the government expect celebrations from the families of those whose bodies have yet to be recovered? What is the government’s position on recovering the body of Nicolau Lobato, which is suspected to still be held in another country?

Concerns and reservations from the public may be considered simply as human expression for their heroes who died in the name of national independence. Power and all decisions are in the hands of the government and state of Timor-Leste, but the time has come for the government to track down and recollect the remains of these heroes, including the body of Nicolau Lobato.
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Nicolau Lobato’s heroics are quite similar to that of Ernesto Che Guevara.
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Their legacies largely differ along a single point: when Che Guevara was killed abroad, his body was then returned to his nation by the country and authoritarian regime he had fought against. But why has Nicolau Lobato, who died for his own nation and defended his people, not yet be reclaimed by the state? A civilized country is a nation that honors and dignifies its heroes—not only by erecting a monument, providing pensions and celebrating his death day, but by securing his remains and laying a hero to rest in a dignified place.

Therefore, Fundasaun Mahein recommends that:

1. The Government of Timor-Leste continue key policy efforts through diplomatic channels with Indonesia to secure the remains of the hero Nicolau Lobato and return them to the people of Timor-Leste.
2. The Government of Indonesia hand over the remains of the hero Nicolau Lobato to the people of Timor-Leste in accordance with the CAVR report established by the two countries in 2001.

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