The Launch of the 2012 Presidential Campaign

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Fundasaun Mahein

Tomorrow, February 29th, marks the much-anticipated start of the official campaign period for the 2012 presidential elections here in Timor-Leste. This small country of ours makes up for its small size by its lengthy history, marked by countless violent episodes and by the tragic loss of too many of our brothers and sisters.

Fundasaun Mahein (FM) hopes that our current leaders have gained in wisdom from the numerous lessons that our history has taught us and will therefore shy away from more violence and inflammatory rhetoric. With the launch of the presidential campaign, this is an opportunity for the 13 candidates to demonstrate their leadership skills and engage in positive electioneering. This is also the time when they put their national peace and unity pact into practice.

To supporters and fellow voters, FM asks that you also refrain from violent behaviour.
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Don’t get dragged into any hostility.
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We fought for our independence so we could have the right and freedom to hold our own beliefs and thoughts.
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In this light, FM would like to call on every citizen to think critically when following the different campaigns. If the opportunity arises, ask the candidates the tough questions and attempt to find out how they plan to exercise their presidential powers and responsibilities.

Everyone in Timor-Leste should hope that we elect a good leader. By this, FM means a leader who is in touch with the needs and aspirations of its people, a leader who can be a true voice for its people and a leader who can be a legitimate and respectable representative of our country abroad. Our future leader will need to ensure that the rule of law in this country is upheld and guarantee countrywide peace and stability. (NB)

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  1. Your point is really interesting. You call for all voters to “refrain from violent behaviour”.
    We all should learn from “History”. Violence never ends up with freedom and peace. It creates chaos.
    I wish you a peaceful presidential election.

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