The Proclaimer of our Nation Passes Away

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Francisco Xavier do Amaral

Fundasaun Mahein (FM) mourns the loss of Francisco Xavier Do Amaral, who passed away this morning (06/03/12) at Guido Valdes National Hospital. Our young nation has lost one of its great elders.

In November 1975, a month before the Indonesian invasion he proclaimed independence for Timor-Leste and became the nation’s first president.

However, since the restoration of independence, his role in our struggle for independence has never been truly and properly recognized and valued.
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Up till now, the state has not declared through any sort of legislation that Amaral was the proclaimer of the country.
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FM is of the view that Mr. Amaral should be considered a national hero and that the President should declare this day a national day of mourning. FM feels that current presidential campaigning should cease for the day so as to pay homage to the life and achievements of Mr. Amaral. We hope that he will gain official recognition from the state as the proclaimer of the nation.
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We send our deepest condolences to his family and may his life be rightfully celebrated and remembered to the extent he so rightly deserves (NB).

7 thoughts on “The Proclaimer of our Nation Passes Away”

  1. Hau senti laran triste wainhira rona katak Avo Xavier i’is kotu, tamba nia Rai doben Timor-Leste nia Proclamador, maibe durante Timor-Leste ukun’an laiha ema ida rekonese nia nu’udar Proclamador, nia mos ema ida ke konesidu iha Timor laran tomak, Iha tempo ida ne’e ita hotu sei reza ba Maromak atu fo naroman nafatin ba Avo Xavier iha Maromak Nia Futar Oin Santo

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