Ofisias Polisia Distritus Hetan Haluhan Husi Komandu Iha Dili

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Semana liu ba Fundasaun Mahein (FM) hatene liu tan problemas rekursus nomos infra-estrutura iha PNTL laran wainhira hala’o peskiza iha distritu Maliana. Iha oportunidade ida ne’e FM konsege duni hetan intervista husi Commandante Distritu, Commandante Unidade Patrolhamentu Fronteira (UPF) nomos kommandantes balun tan.

Husi hirak ne’e, FM hetan informasaun katak komandu iha Dili nomos governu ida ne’e seidauk hatene diak PNTL nian persiza iha Distritus hirak ne’e. komandante distritus dala barak ona hatama proposta mai iha kommandu Geral kompletu ho detailu kona ba oinsa atu hadia siguransa iha sira nia area. Maibe dala barak komandu Iha Dili la simu propostas hirak ne’e i dala barak fo’o fali ekipamentus ne’ebe mak kommandantes Distritus sira konsidera la iha importante.

Ezemplu ida mak hanesan foin dadaun ne’e kommandante Distristu Maliana simu kareta foun lubuk ida i nomos ekipamentus anti-huru-hara nian hodi hala’o servisu siguransa durante perioudu eleisaun ida ne’e. Maske komandante distritu fo nia agradese wainhira simu rekursus hirak ne’e tuir nia hanoin rekursus hirak ne’e maibe seidauk iha distritus refere nia prioridade urjenti, tanba tuir sira nia perioridade mak tenki hasa’e paredi (moru) iha sira nia komandu para hodi bele protézé sira nia komandu nomos ekipamentus.

UPF mos agora dadaun enfrenta problema rekursus. Dala barak ofisiais UPF nian tenki hala’o servisu ho kondisaun ne’ebe mak ladiak. Transporte para atu oferese ba ofisiais hirak ne’ebe mak agora dadaun kontrola ita nian fronteira mos susar ne’ebe sira mos susar atu hetan komunikasaun mai fali sentru sidade. Maske PNTL iha Maliana agora simu kareta foun sira nian maluk UPF sira iha fronteira agora dadaun presiza lo’os kareta hanesan Unimog ne’ebe mak promote tiha ona ba sira maibe to’o agora sei para hela iha Dili.

At liu mak wainhira ofisiais UPF sira balun hetan moras momentu hala’o patroliamentu. Kuandu sira moras ruma, ofisiais ne’e rasik mak tenki aranja transporte rasik hodi ba hospital. Karik ofisiais ne’e persiza nian kolega nian ajuda hodi lori nia ba hospital entaun ema ne’ebe halo siguransa iha fronteira sei la iha no mamuk. Hanesan insulta ida, finde semana UPF sira la simu per diem ne’ebe to’o iha tempu ida ne’e sira mak tenki buka sira nian ai-han rasik. Iha suku Memo, sub-distritu Maliana, unidade UPF sira lahetan eletrisidade ne’ebe sira mak tenki husu fali ajuda husi populasaun hodi uza sira nian eletrisidade.

FM triste ho kondisaun hirak ne’ebe mak ita nian forsas seguransa ida ne’e agora dadaun enfrenta hela iha Distritus hirak ne’e. Oinsa polisia sira atu hala’o sira nian servisu siguransa ho diak wainhira sira seidauk hetan ekipamentus ho apoius bazikus. Tanba ne’e FM rekomenda ba kommandu PNTL iha Dili nomos governu atu tau matan ba polisia distritus nian perzisa i istuda didiak propostas hirak ne’ebe mak mai husi kommandu Distritus.

Police service in districts forgotten by Dili command

A lack of resources and infrastructure within the PNTL was made clear to Fundasaun Mahein (FM) last week, when three FM staff members went to Maliana to conduct research. FM had the chance to interview the PNTL district commander and the local Border Patrol Unit (BPU) commander as well as various officers.

It was highlighted to FM that the PNTL command in Dili as well as the current government do not have a clear understanding of the needs that are prevalent in the districts. District commanders have drafted numerous plans detailing their requirements to improve policing and security in their respective areas. However, FM learnt that the PNTL command in Dili very often disregards these plans and instead provides them with equipment not deemed a priority by district commanders.

To illustrate this, the PNTL district commander of Maliana recently received a number of new cars and anti-riot gear aimed at improving security during the election period. Although thankful of these new vehicles and equipment, the PNTL district commander argued that these are unnecessary for his district and what is needed urgently is a security wall to be built around their headquarters to better protect their offices and equipment.
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The BPU also suffer from a significant lack of resources. BPU officers must regularly undertake their duties in poor conditions.
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Very limited transportation is offered to those officers controlling our border and these suffer from limited communication with the outside world. Whereas the PNTL in Maliana are now in possession of a large number of cars, their counterparts at the BPU desperately require new ones and its promised Unimog, a multi-purpose four wheel drive truck, is still stationed in Dili.

Worse, when BPU officers are unfortunate enough to fall sick while on patrol, they are forced to provide their own transportation to seek medical attention. If a colleague accompanies the sick officer to hospital, this results in the border post being unattended. To add insult to injury, BPU officers complained that they do not receive per diems on weekends making it very difficult for them to feed themselves then. Furthermore, FM discovered that in Memo suco, the BPU is not provided with electricity and instead sources its power from the kind generosity of the local community.

FM laments the poor conditions in which our nation’s security officers have to work in the districts. How are we to expect our police force to provide effective security when they are not provided with the equipment and basic support needed?

FM recommends to the PNTL command in Dili as well as the government to be more attentive to the needs of our police force in the districts and this should start by reviewing those plans drafted by district police commanders more carefully.

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