FM Husu Liders Historiku Sira Halo Kampaña ho Paz Durante Eleisaun Parlamentar

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Iha imajen ne'e husi liman karuk Eis Kandidatu Prezidenti Republika Periodu 2012-2017, Abilio Araujo no husi liman los Eis Prezidenti Republika Jose Ramos Horta no hamrik iha kotuk Bispu Disoceze Baucau, Dom Basilio do Nascimento

Eleisaun Parlamentar la to’o tan fulan rua, movimentu politika na’in komesa organiza nia baze atu lansa kompetisaun ida iha eleisaun ne’ebe kompetativu. Ho deklarasaun foun ne’ebe mai husi Dr Jose Ramos Horta ho Dr Abilio Araujo atu haberan PD nia ain tuban, hatudu dadaun ona katak lala’ok ukun nian iha hela dominasaun husi Partidus CNRT & FRETILIN sei halo mudansa signifikante tebes. Partidu tolu ne’ebe iha dominasaun maka’as ida husi Dr. Fernando Lasama nia partidu, deklarasaun ida mos hatudu influensa husi jerasaun tuan iha palku politika Timor-Leste nian. Ho dominasaun husu liders sira hanesan Xanana Gusmão CNRT, no Dr. Mari Alktari ne’ebe kaer FRETILIN nia kuda talin, ukun iha hela liders historiku sira nia liman iha nasaun ne’e.

Kompetisaun maka’as sei nakloke ba PD, CNRT & FRETILIN, tan ne’e Fundasaun Mahein (FM) bolu ba ema hotu atu labele suporta deit ho matan delek tan deit bazeia ba lider sira nia prestijiu ne’ebe sira iha, maibe tenki hili bazeia ba programa politika ba dezenvolvementu ne’ebe orienta ba solusaun kombate korupsaun.

Relasiona ho liders historiku boot nain tolu, Fundasaun Mahein husu sira bele uza sira nia esperensia naruk ho maduru nian nudar matadalan atu banate tuir ba ema seluk no hatene lolos sira id-idak hatudu programa ida ne’ebe solidu hodi fo siguransa seguru ba ema hotu, no ema hotu sente na’in ba dezenvolvementu Timor-Leste ho nia emar sira. Ema hotu-hotu sente katak sira parte husi modernizasaun ba nasaun ne’e.

FM husu ba liders sira ho autor politika no media ba sira nia kna’ar loron-loron ne’ebe prezenta linguagen diak iha sira nia kobertura hotu, durante kampaña ba eleisaun parlementar. Durante segunda volta kampanha prezidensial nian, iha insendente barak i ki’ik balun rejista no liders balun hetan insultasaun ne’ebe lolos la persiza hetan publikasaun iha media. FM husu katak ulun boot husi ita nia institusaun siguransa nian mos kuidadu liu wainhira sira halo esteitmentu. Liafuan inflamatoriu sei provoka tensaun rohan laek nia ne’ebe karik bele rezulta erus/naksalak trajiku.

Koalia konaba partidus politika sira nia persiza halo presentasaun programa politika solidu, FM husu ba partes hotu-hotu atu kria empregu ka serbisu. Loron ba UNMIT nian atu husik Timor-Leste besik dadaun ona, ne’e sei kria dezempregu barak no butuk ba butuk, no hetok liu tan aumenta ho dezempregu husi juventude sira ne’ebe ezsiste ass dadaun hela, hatudu katak loke empregu barak tenki sai buat ida ne’ebe nesesariu urgente ba governu tuir mai. Partidu politika sira tenki fo pontu importante ba sira nia komitmentu dada kadoras tasi Timor nian mai Timor-Leste nune’e mos pratika liberalizasaun ne’ebe iha biban loke empregu barak iha Timor-Leste.

Dadaun ne’e, FM halo rekomendasaun ba povu tomak atu husu perguntas difisil nian ba liders sira konaba asuntu justisa, siguransa, korupsaun, disputa rai, isu lingua no telekomunikasaun. Ita, wainhira hetan oportunidade tenki husu esplikasaun tanba sa maka membru parlamentu dala barak los la tama iha tempu plenaria ka tempu servisu? Kultura aat ida konaba Membru Parlamentu sira la tama plenaria labele husik no la hetan nia tolerasia. Nune’e mos, ba votantes sira tenki husu atu hakotu ba mega projeitu emergensia nian, hanesan dadaun ne’e dezenvolve tan estrada Comoro, ne’ebe gastu maka’as los husi nasaun ne’ebe boot maibe hetan rezultadu ne’ebe la signifikante.

Konkluzaun, FM bolu atensaun ba ulun boot politika na’in sira atu labele hases konfrontasaun atakes politika naton nian deit, maibe mos la’os kualia bebeik konaba historia pasadu nian no la foka ba programa politika agora nian ne’ebe pratikal. Politika na’in sira tenki foti desizaun ida boot liu atu haforsa pratika lei ho orden atu nune’e kombate pratika “ordem familiar nian”.

Ikus nian, problemas hirak ne’e iha ligasaun nesesidade hotu atu profesionaliza polisiamentu komunitariu ne’ebe orienta liu ba komunidade, maibe mos halo ba militar sira sai hahalok sivil nian ba ema sivil sira. Ho ida ne’e kapasita institusaun rua ne’e iha biban atu prontu ba atende rezolve problemas, ho haberan tan ho utulizasaun sistema tradisional ho kultura ne’ebe diak liu duke persiza tan fali uza kilat no ho ekipamentu tekniku seluk hanesan los atuasaun polisia ba demonstrasaun iha hotel Timor, iha loron traballador mundial nian, iha dia 1 Maiu liu ba.

FM Demands A Good Campaign From Historical Leaders During The Parliamentary Election

The parliamentary elections are less that two months away and recent political moves have set the foundations for a very competitive and thrilling election. The recent announcement that Dr. Jose Ramos Horta and Dr. Abilio Araujo will be throwing their support behind PD, (Independente Newspaper, 15 May 2012) shows that the political landscape dominated by CNRT & FRETILIN might experience some significant alterations. On top of the threat posed by Lasama’s party, this announcement also shows the continuing influence held by the older generation in the political life of Timor-Leste. With Xanana Gusmao dominating CNRT, and Mari Alktari controlling FRETILIN, power lies well within the hands of this country’s historical leaders.

Competition will be rife between PD, CNRT & FRETILIN, however Fundasaun Mahein (FM) hopes that people will not blindly support a party based solely on the prestige held by its leader, but instead make a selection based on the political program for development it offers and its solution to combating corruption.

In relation to the historical leaders of these three main parties, Fundasaun Mahien hope that they can draw from their lengthy experience and set a good example to others by ensuring they each demonstrate a solid program that would provide security for all and a sense of ownership in the development of Timor-Leste for all its citizens. People need to feel that they are part of the modernization of this country.

FM also asks that all political and state actors as well as the media be careful of the tone in their language and its reporting during the parliamentary campaign. During both rounds of the presidential campaign, a few too many incidents were registered and respective leaders traded unnecessary insults. FM also hopes that the heads of our security institutions are also more wary when making statements. Inflammatory threatening statements only ignite tensions further and may result in tragic mistakes.

Returning back to the need for political parties to present solid political programs, FM would like to urge parties to emphasize job-creating schemes. The imminent departure of UNMIT that will create many jobless, mixed with the already high levels of unemployment and a very young population, all suggest that job creation must be an urgent matter for our future government. Political parties should highlight their commitment to the Timor gap pipeline to Timor and to liberalization practices that would enable the creation of many jobs in Timor-Leste.

Simultaneously, FM recommends that people ask tough questions to political leaders on matters of justice, security, corruption, land disputes, language and telecommunications. People, when given the opportunity should call for an explanation on why so many MPs are often absent during parliamentary sessions. This growing culture of MP absenteeism should not be tolerated. Additionally, voters should call for an end to large-scale emergency infrastructure projects such as the current Comoro road development, which suck up vast state resources with often very limited results.

To sum up, FM calls upon political leaders to not only avoid petty political attacks, but to also stop constantly referring to history and instead focus on good present and practical political programs and solutions for existing and future problems. Greater efforts should be made by politicians at strengthening the rule of law so to do away with the practice of “the rule of the deals”.

Lastly, these issues can be tied to the need to further professionalize our police force into a more community oriented one, but also to brand our army into a more civilian friendly force. This would allow both institutions to be better equipped at solving problems, aided by the use of traditional systems and culture and do away with the regular need to use weaponry and heavy handed techniques such as during the police operation at Hotel Timor on May Day.

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  1. Hopes the TRIO Leaders and Trio Political force in Timor-Leste will institutionalize their tremendous political experience to Timor-Leste’s new political generations. Good luck!

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