Profesional Saude Greve: Potensia ba Ameasa Siguransa Publiku

Profesional Saude Greve: Potensia ba Ameasa Siguransa Publiku post thumbnail image

Tuir notisias RTTL hodi kalan tuku 20.00 26 Sep 2012, sita katak “ Profesional Saude iha Hospital Nasional Guide Valadares sei halo asaun greve iha semana oin dia, 1 Outubru 2012.

Asaun greve bazea ba sira nia over time no subside sira seluk ne’ebe tenki ezekuta ona pagamentu tuir lei Regime Kareira. Lei Regime Kareira no. 13/2012 ” Profesional Saude ne’ebe aprova iha 2012, fo garante ba Profesional Saude atu hetan pagamentu spesial alende sira hanesan funsionariu publiku. Ironi liu mak lei ne’e aprova tiha ona e liu ona fulan 7, hetok at liu tan mak laiha orsamentu ne’ebe aloka ba profesinal saude tuir lei Orsamentu Geral Estadu (OGE) 2012, nune’e mos orsamentu ratifikativu ne’ebe dadaun ne’e iha hela prosesu debetes iha Parlementu Nasional mos laiha alokasaun ba asuntu refere.

Relasaun ho isu greve ho laiha alokasaun orsamentu iha livru OGE sei hamosu problema boot ba Ministeru Saude atu kria politika solusaun ida iha tempu lalais. Nune’e mos, iha tentativa OGE 2013 nian mos sei laiha rubrika ba item profesional Saude no ida ne’e sei kontinua retorika politika, no implementasaun sei lao neneik. IV Governu Konstitusional uluk nian mos halo promesa ba profesional Saude bazea ba lei Regime Kariera atu halo pagamentu. Maibe saida mak akontense. Dadaun ne’e lei Regime Kariera ejiste ona, maibe orsamentu sidauk iha, tan ne’e mak biban boot atu satan netik asaun greve hosi profesional saude iha Hospital Nasional Dili no tentativa mos sei haktuir tan hosi Hospital iha regional nian iha Timor-Leste.

Asaun greve hosi Profesional Saude sei kria konsekuensia negativu ba saude no seguransa publiku. Asaun greve refere mak realiza duni, sei fo vitima ba sidadaun Timor-Leste ne’ebe presiza atendementu urgensia hosi Profesional Saude iha hospital sira.

Tamba sa maka Governu halo retorika kria lei no hodi halimar sistema saude nian ne’ebe sei kria deit potensial ameasa ba seguransa publiku?

Fundasaun Mahein (FM) rekomenda ba governu liu hosi Ministeru Saude atu fo solusaun imidiatu ba ejijensia hosi profesional Saude atu halo pagamentu tuir promesa ne’ebe governu halo tiha ona. FM nota, karik negosiasaun governu ho Profesional Saude laiha konkordansia ida, maka sei rezulta vitima ba povu Timor-Leste sira ne’ebe sei halo tratamentu saude iha hospital.

Ikus liu hosi ne’e, Fundasaun Mahein rekomenda mos ba Parlementu Nasional atu halo diskusaun lalais konaba asuntu refere, no husu governu halo alokasaun imidiatu tuir lei regime kareira ne’ebe iha.

Health Workers Strike: A Potential Public Security Threat

According to RTTL News last night at 20.00 26 Sep 2012, the nurses and doctors of Dili National Hospital plan to strike beginning next Monday, 1 Oct 2012. The health services workers will strike for unpaid overtime and unpaid “career scheme” payments. The career scheme law, No. 13/2012 “Carreiras Dos Profissional da Saude,” passed in March 2012, guarantees health workers specialized payments as health care professionals in addition to regular civil servant payments. However, while this law has existed for almost 7 months, no money for such payments owed was included in the state budget 2012 or in the ongoing ratification of that budget.

The combination of the strike and lack of budget allocation creates an enormous problem for Minister of Heath, who needs to create a solution in a short amount of time. Furthermore, the lack of budget allocation for career scheme payments in the state budget for 2013 indicates that the government cares only about political gains with policy. It does not care with implementation. The previous government had promised a resolution to the issue of unpaid career scheme payments. But this did not happen. Now, the law exists, but no money exists to stop a strike at Dili National Hospital and, perhaps, other regional hospitals in Timor-Leste.

Why does/can the government play rhetorically with the national health system and create a potential public security threat?
A health services strike at Dili National Hospital, the largest hospital in Timor-Leste, will have obvious negative consequences for public health and security. The strike will victimize Timorese citizens in need of both emergency and non-emergency care.

Fundasaun Mahein (FM) recommends that the government, through the Minister of Health, respond immediately and seriously to the health workers’ warning. This money was promised to the health workers. Unsuccessful negotiations before next Monday could have devastating consequences for individual Timorese citizens.

Lastly, Fundasaun Mahein recommends that the National Parliament discuss this issue and allocate a budget as stipulated by the career scheme law.

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