Monopóliu Instituisaun Siguransa: Moris Komunidade Ameasadu

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(Fontes: Foto Internet)

(Fontes: Foto Internet)

Prátika monopóliu instituisaun siguransa no pesoal siguransa husi lider sira sai ona toman at ida iha Timor-Leste. Iha inisiu tinan 2015, Fundasaun Mahein – FM kestiona kona-bá monopóliu kolokasaun Siguransa Pesoal ne’ebé konsentradu ba lider no estrutura ezekutivu nian, loke lidun ida ba pesoal serbisu justisa no investigasaun la hetan konsiderasaun husi estadu atu garante sira nia siguransa, mosu preoukupasaun barak husi autor justisa no investigasaun sira iha tempu ne’eba tanba autor no pesoal justisa hetan ameasa husi ema deskuiñesidu sira.

FM hato’o ona ninia rekomendasaun atu Governu labele halo monopóliu ba kolokasaun pesoal siguransa no instituisaun siguransa, presiza tau konsiderasaun ba siguransa autor justisa, pesoal serbisu investigasaun inklui komunidade sira. Maske nune’e, mentalidade monopóliu instituisaun siguransa no pesoal siguransa husi lider ezekutivu sira kontinua buras. Tuir FM nia monitorizasaun durante ne’e identifika katak prátika monopóliu instituisaun polisia no pesoal siguransa husi lider ezekutivu sira la’os deit ba atividade ka serbisu estadu nian, maibe mos ba atividade pesoal ka familia nian. Hanesan lider ezekutivu sira monopóliu instituisaun polisia no pesoal polisia hodi uza ba siguransa sermonia kultural, festa kazamentu, festa kore-metan ka familia ruma mate.

Hahalok no toman at ba monopóliu instituisaun siguransa no pesoal siguransa husi lider ezekutivu sira ba atividade pesoal, fo impaktu ba siguransa públiku no komunidade sira. Dala-balun mosu konflitu iha komunidade nia leet ne’ebé presiza tebes apoiu ka siguransa polisia, maibe labele atende tanba halo siguransa ba atividade pesoal lider ezekutivu nian. Ezemplu konkretu, mosu akontesementu konfrontu entre joventude Lautem – Sika ho komunidade Baucau (negosiante) iha loron 4 fulan Juñu iha area Sika hodi rezulta ema kanek, maibe polisia eskuadra Lautem labele halo siguransa tanba membru polisia koloka ba halo siguransa ba seremonia aifunan moruk lider ezkutivu balun iha Lautem.

Akontesementu ne’e, FM sai sasin no hato’o informasaun ba eskuarda Lautem iha loron refere, no husu atu eskuadra Lautem bele halo patrollamentu iha area refere, maibe triste tebes pesoal polisia ne’ebé FM hasoru esplika katak laiha membru sufisiente hodi halo patrollamentu, tanba membru balun koloka ba siguransa seremonia aifunan moruk familia ministru nian. Informasaun ne’ebé FM hetan katak membru polisia iha Eskuadra Lautem hamutuk ema na’in 10 deit, wainhira Komandu Eskuarda rasik laiha planu patrollamentu ho diak, komunidade sira sei kontinua ameasadu wainhira mosu konflitu ruma.
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Problema Ofisial Polisia Suku – OPS ne’ebé seidauk hela metin iha suku sira, labele halo kontrolu diak no responde ba konflitu iha suku.

Ho ida ne’e, Fundasaun Mahein hakarak rekomenda katak;

1. Rekomenda ba Komandu Polisia Nasional Timor-Leste – PNTL atu fo atensaun ba Komandu Munisipiu no Eskuadra sira atu mantein ba planu patrollamentu polisia nian, hodi nune’e bele prevene konflitu iha komunidade nia leet. Nune’e mos tau matan ba atividade OPS hodi mantein lor-loron ba iha suku ne’ebé nia koloka ba.

2. Rekomenda ba lider ezukutivu (membru Governu) atu labele halo monopóliu demais instituisaun polisia no pesoal polisia ba interese privadu duke interse estadu nian. Tanba hahalok no pratika hirak ne’e la fo benefisu siguransa ba komunidade.

The Monopoly within National Security Institutions: Local Communities Put at Risk

The monopolization of national security institutions has become a practiced and dangerous habit in Timor-Leste. In early 2015, Fundasaun Mahein (FM) expressed its concerns regarding the manifestation of this monopoly: the extreme bias of placement of security forces around political VIPs has come at the expense of staffing for local stations and patrols, appropriate security provisions for threats against members of Timor-Leste’s judicial system, and the larger image of national security forces as a just and equitable arm of the government.

FM has presented its recommendations in the past that the government restructure the placement of security forces and give reconsider necessary levels of security for justice officials, members of the investigation services, and local communities. However, the monopolization of security forces around political and military leadership has continued unabated. FM monitoring has revealed that the unequitable provision of security for executive leadership extends outside of government offices, as well—many security resources are similarly dedicated to security details for the leadership’s homes and families.
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FM has documented a number of cases in which security forces have been personally leveraged by members of the elite leadership for cultural ceremonies, wedding parties, and feasts.

This monopolization of security forces has a correlative negative impact on security in local communities. FM has identified multiple instances of shortages of police officers during community incidents and crises due to reassignment to provide basic security for innocuous events with local leadership. One such scandal occurred on June 4th, 2016, when a violent confrontation broke out between two groups of youth from Baucau and Sika, Lautem. When the fight unfolded in Sika, resulting in several injuries, there were no police in the Lautem Station available to respond to the call because several officers had been called away to provide security for a ceremony (aifunan moruk) involving executive leadership in Lautem.

Following the incident, FM collected testimony and presented the information to the Lautem police station, requesting that a patrol be extended to the area. FM was informed by one of the police officers at the station that they simply didn’t have resources at the time of the incident due to reassignment for the ministerial ceremony in Lautem that day. FM was told that the station has a total of only ten officers. If the station commander doesn’t have an operating plan for patrols, and if Village Police Officers (OPS) aren’t permanently posted in local communities, local security from threats continues to be compromised.

Fundasaun Mahein recommends that:

1. The command of the National Police of Timor-Leste (PNTL) coordinate with municipality commanders and stations to maintain patrolling plans in order to avoid and prevent conflict in the field, and to additionally focus on the OPS objective of maintaining daily security in each village.

2. Executive leadership (i.e., members of government) stop the monopolization of the police force for their private interests at the expense of the state, as these practices actively compromise security for the greater population.
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