Border Report: From Balide, To Britain Then Back To Batugade

Border Report: From Balide, To Britain Then Back To Batugade post thumbnail image

Fundasaun Mahein

When working in public policy advocacy area its often hard to know if we are having an impact. Let us at Fundasaun Mahein (FM) tell you an interesting story.
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In December 2011 a farmer from Batugade names Joao Martins called the Director of FM saying he was thankful for the report on the Indonesian defence posture in West Timor.

He told us that he had come to read the report through the following route. His son is working in the United Kingdom, and there with a good access to the internet found the report via Fundasaun Mahein’s facebook or website pages.
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Despite living 10,000 miles away this young man grew up in Batugade near the border with Indonesia. And whether or not he is chopping chickens or canning fish for British people he always remembers his family who are still near a border which for decades has been a place of occasional problems.

Mr. Martins told us that after finding the report on the internet his son telephoned a cousin living in Dili, and asked them to print the report and send it to him in Batugade. So a report written at Fundasaun Mahein’s office in Balide, published on he internet, read in the United Kingdom, then printed in Dili, was put on a bus and sent to Batugade.

Mr. Martins told Fundasaun Mahein that the report was very useful, and that he now has a much better understanding of how the border works. But happily he also said that the paper provokes questions in his mind that he will seek clarification on these when authorities come to see the local community.
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