Komandu PNTL Haforsa Numeru Violensia

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Diretur Ezekutivu Fundasaun Mahein (FM) Nelson Belo, halo Konfrensia Imprenza ho media, iha edifisiu FM, Balide-Dili, Kinta, (23/02/2012). Foto; FM.

Fundasaun Mahein, 23 Febreiru 2012

Komunikadu Imprenza

Iha Tersa Feira 21 Febreriu 2012 Komando PNTL fo ordem ba PNTL atu tiru ba se deit mak koko impede atividades durante elisaun, depois ema deskuinesidus tuda bomba Molotov cocktail iha sekretariadu STAE.

La persiza dehan sai, Fundasaun Mahein (FM) kondena maka’as tebes ba insedente tuda bomba Molotov iha edifisiu STAE, maibe mos FM lakontenti le’e statement hosi komandate PNTL komisariu Longuinhos Monteiro hosi notisias RTTL. Statementu ne’ebe violentu tebtebes ne’e sei kontinua hasoru PNTL iha futuru. Tamba statementu ne’e simple maibe hasae tensaun boot iha elisaun presidensial mai.

Fo aturizasaun tiru ba suspeitu iha kalan boot, katak ne’e hatudu ba violasaun sidadaun sira nian deritu ne’ebe preserva ona iha konstitusaun ho lei oan sira. Kna’ar PNTL atu halo protesaun no serbi komunidade no mos harii lei ho ordem. Timor-Leste iha sistema judisial no husu PNTL atu labele uza lei iha sira nia liman hodi tiru suspeitu se deit.

PNTL nia performance record ba involve uza sala kilat ne’ebe realiza insidente lubuk ona. Membru PNTL ne’e forsa ida, dadaun ne’e uza nafatin show of forse iha sira nia polisiamentu, agora iha tan ordem atu tiru suspetu iha fatin, ne’e katak ita dezenvolve metode ba dezastre nian katak insidente fatal sira sei hein hela atu akontese.

Ba ida ne’e la’os dahuluk nian mak Komandante PNTL halo statementu ne’ebe la ho kuidadu i ne’ebe atu hatauk deit no mos sei la halo buat ida no mos la rezolve problema no la demonstra PNTL hanesan polisia komunitariu ne’ebe orientasaun ba komunidade.

FM bolu atensaun atu labele kontinua halo statement sira hanesan ne’e tanba nia impkatu bele hamosu violensia boot, no husu ba komando PNTL ho Sekretariu do Estado Seguransa (SES) atu halo diskusaun klean konaba PNTL nia aktividades ne’ebe orienta ba solusaun problema iha komunidade.

FM suporta ba aumenta oprasaun ka patrolla kalan kalan b areia sira ne’ebe sentru elisaun nian. Maibe mos Fundasaun Mahhien mos rekomenda ba PNTL atu kontinua aktu ho professional no halo intraksaun ho komunidade atu dezemvolve asaun preventiva duke halo statement reasioner ho motode ida ne’ebe violentu liu.

FM hakarak rekomenda ba PNTL atu fo asaun seriu ba kazu PNTL ne’ebe akuza halo violasaun sexual ba nia oan feto, maibe mos FM hakarak fo hanoin ba publiku ho PNTL katak kazu pendente PNTL nian ne’ebe liga ba indispilinar hamutuk 1.450 ne’ebe dadaun ne’e mos persiza rezolve ho displina ka ho asaun judisial nian.

FM rekomenda katak Komandate PNTL Komisariu Longuinhos Monteiro hanesan pigura publiku persiza kuidadu ho nia statementu, tenki iha konsultasaun ho nia superior sira hanesan SES ka Ministeru Seguransa no mos komisaun B atu halo kontrolu diak ba statementu sira ne’e. FM mos rekomenda ba Politiku sira atu maintain sira nia linguage ne’ebe noun violentu no mos intrasaun nudar iha matoridade politiku no konkorda malu atu diskonkorda no prosesu demokrasi iha nebe maneira paz nian.

FM fiar katak ne’e superior liu atu halo prevensaun komfliktu no kria kondisaun stabil atu hapara violensia iha Timor-Leste ba eventu elisaun ne’ebe mai. Sidadaun iha nasaun ida ne’e hetan turtura kleur los ona ho komfliktu violensia uza kilat, ho ordem polisia nian ne’e hanesan mos haforsa traumatiku ne’ebe sidauk hotu.

Atu hatene klean liu konaba asuntu ne’e bele kontaktu
Nélson Belo,
Diretor Fundasaun Mahein
Email: nelson@fundasaunmahein.org ,
Tlp +670 737 4222

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Press Release

PNTL commander accentuates the rise of violence

On Tuesday 21st of February, the Timor-Leste National Police (PNTL) command ordered its officers to shoot on sight anyone trying to derail the general elections following the actions of unknown persons who threw Molotov Cocktail bombs at the offices of the Secretariat For Technical Electoral Support (STAE).

Needless to say, FM deeply condemns the Molotov incident at STAE but was dismayed to read the statement made by PNTL General Commander, Longuinhos Monteiro, as reported in the RTTL evening news. It seems as though this violent threat to derail the general election will be met with further violence from the PNTL. This latest statement simply accentuates the rising sense of tension surrounding the upcoming presidential elections.

The order to shoot suspects in the middle of the night is a violation of the rights of citizens as enshrined in the relevant laws and Constitution of the RDTL. The role of the PNTL is to protect and serve the community and to uphold the rule of law. We have a system of justice and the PNTL cannot take the law into its own hands by applying the system of shoot first, ask later.

The PNTL already has a very poor record with respect to gun related incidents. PNTL officers are already on the edge due the heavy handed approach to policing that is always preferred to by the General Command. As such, the order to shoot suspects on sight is a recipe for disaster that will lead to deadly consequences.

This is not the first time that Commander Longuinhos has made such an ill-considered statement, which only serves to generate more fear among the population while at the same time deviates attention away from the responsibility of the PNTL to sensibly deal with the issue of internal security. If anything, this is another demonstration of the PNTL’s inability to resolve simple matters of internal security as well as a demonstration that the PNTL is not a ‘community-oriented’ police force. Instead of being a proactive security force by anticipating such a security threat, such as the STAE office incident, the PNTL has once again proven to be a typical reactionary force, always reacting with excessive force after a crime has been committed.

FM calls on him to desist from making such statements or, at the very least reflect on their impact, and for him as well as the Secretary of State-Security (SES) to discuss how to better communicate PNTL activities to the population. FM agrees with the decision to step up nightly patrols and security around key electoral sites, but we call on the PNTL to act more professionally and increase its engagement with the community in order to develop a more preventive rather than reactionary method of dealing with violence.

We would like to commend the PNTL for taking seriously the case of the PNTL officer accused of raping his daughter but we would like to remind the public and the PNTL command that there are many outstanding disciplinary cases – 1450 or thereabouts – and these cases need to be fully addressed.

As a public figure, the PNTL General Commander needs to be more careful about what he says and his superiors, the SES and the Parliamentary Committee B need to have greater control over his statements and actions. Politicians should also speak against the use of such violent language and maintain their commitment to engaging in mature politics, whereby they agree to disagree in a democratic and peaceful manner.

This is paramount in preventing conflict and creating stable and serene conditions so that people will cease to equate elections in Timor-Leste with violent behaviours. The citizens of this country have, for too long, been tortured by gun related violence and this police order will simply exacerbate this trauma.

For more information on this issue, please contact
Nélson Belo,
Director of Fundasaun Mahein
Web: www.fundasaunmahein.org
Email: nelson@fundasaunmahein.org
Tlp : +670 737 4222

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