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Fundasaun Mahein

Tinan 2011, tinan ida ne’ebe buras no tinan ida ne’ebe halo dezenvolve barak ba Fundasaun Mahein (FM), maibe esperiensia husi tinan kotuk ne’e hatudu katak Fundasaun Mahein bele’e haburas no dezenvolve a’an iha area seluk tan. Nune’e mos Fundasaun Mahein konsege duni hametin a’an iha sosiadade sivil Timor-Letse nia laran.

Fundasaun Mahein nian buras ho neneik ne’e tuir duni ami planu adopta ne’ebe fiar iha neineik ba beibeik para atu haburas ho maturidade no sustentabilidade. Ami NGO nurak ida, maibe ami nia kuinesementu komesa boot dadaun ona i kialidade iha ami nia relatoriu, analisa mos daik tan deit maibe ami sei la husik hakarak no interese ida para atu haburas no hadia ami nia organizasaun ida ne’e para atu tuir didiak ami nia objetivu.

En termos peskiza Fundasaun Mahein halo kompletu tia ona 40 publikasaun. Ida ne’e, inklui mos Mahein Nia Lian 12, Mahein Nia Hanoin 1, no Hanoin Lisuk 26. FM mos distribui ona kopia relatoriu atus barak ba iha organizasaun siguransa i barak tan mak distribui to’o ba iha makina elektronika hodi fo’o asesu liu husi online.

2011, ami iha realizasaun boot ida wainhira ami loke ami nia website foun (, iha fulan Agustu, ne’ebe ami hodi hatama ami nia debate politika, briefs no mos biblioteka ne’e kompletu ho dokumentus konaba siguransa. Website ida ne’e hetan ona 17,000 visitantes ne’ebe hanesan 1,400 por mess.

Ami nia prezensa iha online ne’e liu mos husi Facebook, Twitter & Youtube. Iha 2011 nia klaran ami muda ba Facebook, i wainhira tinan 2011 atu remata konsege hetan 300 apoiantes. FM sei uza nafatin media sosial foun balun hirak ne’e para komunika ho apoiantes sira. FM sei uza meius hirak ne’e wainhira hakarak halo publikasaun, fo sai videos ou audiu ruma, fo informasaun konaba eventus nomos hodi hamoris debate ruma konaba siguransa. Ikus liu mai mos hakarak fo hatene tan deit katak FM hamoris tiha ona newsletter mensal ida para hodi habarak tan apoiantes.

FM sai boot hanesan organizasaun ida iha rai laran nomos iha area international. Desde iha tempu hari’i FM atende tiha ona 40 seminar/workshop nasional, 5 conferensia internasional, inklui mos 2011 ASSET AGM iha Guatemala i Asian Civil Society Consultation on National Security and the Rights to Information Principles iha Jakarta.

FM mos halo ona tradusaun iha 20 leis husi lian Portuges ba Tetum hodi hasa’e tan ema nia asessu ba iha lei siguransa. Husi servisu ida fo mos oportunidade ida ba FM hodi tuir treinamentu ida konaba oinsa atu uza leis hirak ne’e wainhira hala’o peskiza iha Timor-Leste. Treinamentu hirak ne’e hala’o husi peskizador ANU nian, Dr Gordon Peake, no hetan 40 partisipantes ne’ebe mai husi sosiadade sivil no jornalista sira. Kopia lei hirak ne’e entrega tiha ona ba iha organizasaun kompetentes balun husi seksaun siguransa no kopia balun mos bele hetan husi FM nia website.

Wainhira 2011 atu hotu, FM hasa’e tan nia prezensa iha radio, konsege duni halo kompletu radio show rua i FM iha tiha ona planu para atu kontinua nafatin radio show ne’e iha 2012. FM nia naran temi iha print media konsege sae to’o 140 iha tinan 2011, intervista husi jornalista sae to’o 80 vezes i hetan temi naran iha uma fukun PN 32 vezes.

Mais ke ami nian atividades husi outreach no estatistika iha 2011 la du’un maka’as husi hirak ne’e ami hetan indikisaun katak FM nia atividades iha 2011 a’as liu fila tempu 2010. Ne’e duni, tuir indikasaun hirak ne’e ami hatene katak FM nia atividades iha Outreach sei sae liu tan iha tinan mai ne’e nia laran. Liafuan ikus liu maka ne’e deit FM sei kontinua servisu hirak ne’e ho kman hodi hasoru FM nia objetivu i ami husu deit para komunidade sira atu suporta nafatin ami. Bele klik Matrix FM 2011.

FM Outreach 2011 is Neneik ba Bebeik.

2011 proved to be another year of growth and development for Fundasaun Mahein (FM). Although there is still plenty of scope for improvement and growth, in the previous year, FM successfully managed to cement itself within the civil society sphere in Timor-Leste.

Our outcomes are still modest, but we have adopted a neineik ba beibeik approach so as to allow sustainable and mature growth. We are still a young NGO, however our exposure has grown and the quality of our reports and analysis we feel has improved and we hope to continue growing and performing our set goals.

In terms of research, FM accomplished a total of 39 publications. This included 12 Mahein Nia Lian, 1 Mahein Nia Hanoin, and 26 Hanoin Lisuk. FM distributed several hundred hard copies of our reports to relevant actors in the security sector and countless more were sent electronically and were made available online.

One of FMs greatest achievements of 2011 was the launching of our new official website ( in August 2011, which provides all Fundasaun Mahein policy reviews and issue briefs as well as a library of relevant security sector documentation. Website hits numbered approximately 17,000, amounting to around 1,400 visits a month.

Our online presence also extends to Facebook, Twitter & Youtube. In mid 2011, FM switched over to a Facebook Fan Page and by the end of 2011, counted around 300 followers. FM uses these newer forms of social media to interact with our readership. These tools are used to inform of FMs latest publications, upcoming events but also to raise debates on various issues and upload videos and audio. Finally 2011 also marked the launch of our monthly newsletter, which hopes to extend our outreach.

As FM grew as an organization, its national and international presence followed suit. FM participated in over 40 national seminars/workshops and 5 international conferences, including the 2011 ASSET AGM in Guatemala and the Asian Civil Society Consultation on National Security and the Rights to Information Principles in Jakarta.

FM also undertook the translation of 20 key security laws from Portuguese into Tetun to increase access and as consequently conducted training on using such laws in research on the Timorese security sector. The training was carried out by ANU researcher Dr. Gordon Peake and was attended by 40 participants ranging from a wide variety of civil society organizations and journalists. Electronic copies of these laws are available on our website and hard copies were distributed to relevant security sector actors.

At the end of 2011, FM also started to make its presence felt over the radio as it produced two radio talk shows, which it plans to continue in 2012. Print media mentions on FM activities and reports amounted to over 140 for 2011 and we were approached for interviews by journalists over 80 times. Lastly, commentaries by the Government and the National Parliament on FM topics and activities amounted to a reasonable 32 times.

Although our outreach activities and statistics were modest for 2011, they do show a steady increase in FMs activities from 2010, and if the start of 2012 is of any indication, we should witness a steady increase in outreach in the coming year. FM will continue to work tirelessly to meet its objectives and we hope the public will continue to support us.

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