Ita Sei Fiar Ka Lideransa Historiku Sira Sei Lori Timor-Leste Ba Establidade No Paz?

Ita Sei Fiar Ka Lideransa Historiku Sira Sei Lori Timor-Leste Ba Establidade No Paz? post thumbnail image

Primeiru Ministru Xanana Gusmao hakuak hela Eis Primeiru Ministru Mari Alkatiri

Konfrontasaun komesa ona, liu liu iha areia Leste entre militantes husi kandidatu prezidensial rua ne’ebe mak atu ba eleisaun segunda volta. Dala ida tan ita hare’e katak, karik ita seidauk bele atu hala’o eleisaun ho paz. Maske ita nian lideransas politikus sira hato’o tiha ona liafuan no hahalok hodi hala’o kampaña ho paz maibe militantes husi kandidatu prezidensial rua ne’e kontinua involve nafatin iha aktu violensia no lideransas politikus sira mos kontinua uza nafatin linguazen provovakativu. Antes eleisaun primeira volta liu ba ne’e, lideransas politikus sira hamutuk ho ulun boot relijiaun sira halo komitmentu ida katak eleisaun sei la’o ho paz, i husi ida ne’e sira mos fo’o sai duni steitmentu balun nomos konkorda ho paktu ida ne’ebé mak mai husi CNE. Nune’e mos, iha segundu enkontru Maubisse, lideransas politikus sira hotu fo’o garantia katak eleisaun sei la’o ho paz no mantein nafatin estabilidade.

Semana tuir fali mai promesas no garantia hirak ne’e sai fila fali deit retorikas politika. Karik ita nian lideransas politikus sira mak haluhan tiha sira nian liafuan no hahalok ou sira rasik mak la fiar duni sira nian promesas no garantia ba paz no estabilidade?. Ida ne’e hatudu katak la iha garantia katak liafuan hotu ne’ebé mak sira hateten ne’e lian verdade i importante liu tan mak hirak ne’e hatudu katak lideransas politikus sira prontu atu uza asuntus paz no siguransa iha jogus politikus nian.

Politikus nain bosok ten ne’e la’os buat foun ida. No, buat ida ne’e mos la’os hetan iha Timor-Leste deit. Maibe perigu liu mak wainhira ita nian lideransas sira prontu atu tau paz no estabilidade iha risku nian laran hodi hetan vantajen politikus. Perigu ida mos mak posibilidade ida katak ita nian lideransas sira hakarak no fiar ba paz no estabilidade maibe sira rasik la konsege kontrola sira nian militantes. Ita hatene katak lideransas politikus barak mak la hasoru sira nian militantes direitamente, ne’e duni sira nian kapasidade atu kontrola militantes ne’e minimu tebes.

Kualker reasaun ida mak ita bele hato’o kona ba violensias hirak ne’ebé mak akontese dadaun ne’e, maibe ita hotu tenki kestiaona kestaun lideransas historikus hirak ne’e nian kapasidade atu ukun rai ida ne’e. Lideransas hirak ne’e hetan tiha ona honorariu nudar aman ba rai ida ne’e. Sira hotu nian istoria iha funu ba ukun rasik a’an ne’e, ema hotu kuinese. Maibe, iha tempu ida ne’e liafuan paz bele hateten maibe sempre enfrenta difikuldade wainhira atu hari’i kondisauns hirak ne’ebe mak bele garantia paz. Konsekuensia husi hirak ne’e mak hanesan fo’o fali difikuldade ba ita nian forsas siguransa atu defende regras lei. Tanba sa mak ita nian lideransas sira la aprende husi ita nian istoria? Ran fakar barak ona. Relatorius no rekomendasaun barak ema halo kona ba rai ida ne’e, komesa relatorio CAVR, CTF, nomos UN Commission of Inquiry ba krisi 2006 iha Timor-Leste. Tansa mak lideransas sira la foti notas husi hirak ne’e? karik lideransas sira nudar reprezentate povu nian la iha atensaun ba povu nian interese.

FM rekomenda no apelu ba lideransa atu respeitu funsaun no resposabilidade ne’ebe mak mai husi sira nian kna’ar nudar nain ulun sira no respeitu mos institusaun estadu nian. Lideransas sira tenki hapara money politika. Iha demokrasia ne’e povu nian konfiansa ba lideransa sira mak tenki lori nasaun ba ambiente ida ne’ebe buras ho paz no siguransa. Ida ne’e mak povu Timor merese. Populasaun agora ne’e baruk tiha ona ho violensia no terus. Ne’e, tanba hanesan baibain ona, povu mak sempre terus liu maibe lideransas sira mak hetan diak. Povu tenki berani kritika no haka’as lideransas sira. Povu labele hanesan matan delek hodi tuir nafatin lideransas hirak ne’ebé mak uza lian fuan kroat no violensia. Maibe Fundasaun Mahein husu ba povu sira hotu hodi kontribui ba paz iha Timor-Leste.

Can We Still Trust Our Historical Leaders to Lead a Peaceful & Stable Timor-Leste?

Confrontations have begun to erupt notably in the eastern districts, between militants of the two remaining presidential candidates. Once again it seems that we are yet to be able to run peaceful elections. Despite the rhetoric and actions by our political leaders committing them to peaceful campaigning, militants from both sides are increasingly involving themselves in violent disputes and political leaders are increasingly using provocative language. In the lead up to the first round of the presidential elections, the country’s political and religious leaders came together and committed themselves to peaceful elections, not only by making numerous statements but also in committing themselves to a CNE sponsored national unity pact. Furthermore during the second Maubisse meeting, all the historical leaders agreed to guarantee peaceful elections and maintain stability.

Weeks later, these pledges made guaranteeing peace seems once again to be mere political rhetoric. Either our political leaders in a short amount of time have forgotten their own words and actions, or have most likely dismissed them all together. This would mean not only that the words they usher are not always truthful, but more importantly that ensuring peace and security for the citizens of this country is something worth playing with.

A politician saying lies is not new and definitely not limited to Timor-Leste. But if our leaders are willing to risk the stability and security of our country for their own benefit then this is more alarming. Another possibility is that our leaders are well intentioned in the most part but do not have control over their militants, which is equally worrying. Many political leaders often do not actively engage with their militants, which means they are limited in their ability to control them.

Regardless of the reasoning behind this worrying increase in violence, one has to seriously reconsider whether the current political elite is truly fit to lead this country. The current leadership is honoured with being the historical fathers of the nations. Their historical role in liberating this country is most definitely noted by all Timorese. However, these days, it seems like they can easily say the word peace but find it much harder to create the conditions guaranteeing peace. This consequently paralyses the security forces ability to do their work effectively and uphold the rule of law. Why can’t our leaders learn from our history? So much blood has already been spilt. There have been numerous reports and recommendations made by numerous institutions including the CAVR report, the CTF, the UN Commission of Inquiry for the 2006 crisis in Timor-Leste. Why can’t our leaders take note of these? Do our historical leaders really care about the people they are meant to represent, or do they solely care for their positions and interests?.

FM recommends and pleads that our leaders properly respect their functions with the responsibilities that come along with them as well as our state institutions. They should also do away with the practice of money politics. In a democratic setting, the people entrust their leadership to duly run their country and ensure a stable, secure and prosperous environment. Timorese deserve this. The population is tired of violence and has suffered enough already. It is always the general population that suffers the brunt of the violence while the leadership profits from it. People need to be more critical of our current leadership and expect more from them. The people should not blindly be loyal to those leaders whom engage in violent acts or rhetoric. Instead, we appeal to everyone to stay away from violence and play his or her part in contributing to peace in Timor-Leste.

3 thoughts on “Ita Sei Fiar Ka Lideransa Historiku Sira Sei Lori Timor-Leste Ba Establidade No Paz?”

  1. Leaders and Leadership is a process, if it’s true then, beging (as ordinary people) to Popularity (public figure) and back to ordinary people, as pyramid – from bottom to Top and back to Bottom, this is natural process, we like or not but one day it will happen with any extraordinary or superstar leaders, So just to be prepare!

  2. Well done Fundasaun Mahein,

    Good analysis … I agree with your opinion.
    It’s become a habit to our Leader in general, they are always making an agreement but they are never responsible to do the action. I think people need to be smart to face this political situation. Many times we are being victim and some political leaders get the benefits. Don’t be stupid and be a donkey anymore.
    These leaders, I think … they are pretending do not understand well what is the meaning of the Peace … Peace is not about the agreement, peace needed action. Peace is sustainability for justice, equality and human security.
    To our people who are always involved in the action of violence, I think they need to understand the democracy. Democracy is not just about vote but being an active citizen with responsible to the act we did, we do and we try to do in the future with value the peace.

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