FM Hasoru Malu Ho Prezidenti Republika Taur Matan Ruak

FM Hasoru Malu Ho Prezidenti  Republika Taur Matan Ruak post thumbnail image

Prezidenti Republika Taur Matan Ruak halo enkontru Ho Sosiadade Sivil

Ho deit loron hirak mai tan sei iha kampanha ba eleisaun parlementar hahu, Fundasaun Mahein (FM) hetan konvite husi PR Taur Matan Ruak ba Palasiu Prezidenti atu fo hanoin konaba naklasak sira ne’ebe akontense iha seitor seguransa laran ne’ebe importante tebes.

FM halo rekomendasaun ba PR atu serbisu hamutuk ho media nasional sira oinsa esplika ba partidu politikus ho publiku konaba papel Prezidenti Republika nian tuir mandatu konstitusaun konaba eskoilla koligasaun partidu atu forma governu, iha momentu ne’ebe laiha partidu ida maka hetan votus maioria. Esplikasaun ida ne’e nia meta atu hases konfunzaun husi publiku no partidu politikus sira hanesan akontese iha eleisaun parlamentar 2007, FM mos fo rekomendsaun ba PR atu halo esplikasaun ida konaba formasaun governu koligasaun tuir konstitusaun nia haruka.

Ho ida ne’e importante tebes tanba to agora sei iha konfuzaun barak los iha publiku ka iha povu nia let, konfuzaun dala barak kria tensaun boot.
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Iha partidu politiku barak maka debate direta konaba sira nia vitoria iha eleisaun mai, maibe iha biban boot rezultadu sei la fo vitoria maioria ba partidu ida.

Iha sorin ida, FM kestiaona durante enkontru ho Prezidenti Republika, konaba total PNTL ne’ebe mak hetan mandatu atu halo siguransa iha eleisaun prezidensial nian. Total PNTL hamutuk 2.200 ne’ebe bele argumenta katak numeiru PNTL ne naton ona halo siguransa ka lae? Nune’e UNPOL sei suporta husi kotuk maibe aumenta tan sentru votasaun PNTL sei okupadu ho signifikante tebes.
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Ida ne’e sei hamosu pontus rua. Dahuluk liu, sei laiha problema atu identifika risku ho georafikamente ne’ebe iha biban ba konflitus no monta pozisaun postu PNTL ho stratejiku, ida seluk, kontrovesial oituan oinsa konaba sira nia papel karik iha ou, F-FDTL mos halo siguransa ba eleisaun parlamentar. Ba pontus daruak nia, FM husu ba leitor sira atu halo komentariu atu sukat pozisaun povu nian.

FM hakarak hato’o obrigadu wain ba Prezidenti ex.
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Taur Matan Ruak ne’ebe fo ona tempu ba FM atu bele hola fatin hodi fo FM nia hanoin konaba problema siguransa iha eleisaun parlamentar mai no ami apresia tebes ba hanoin husi sosidade sivil sira hotu.

FM Meets With President Taur Matan Ruak

With just a few days to go before campaigning for the parliamentary elections begins, Fundasaun Mahein (FM) was invited by newly elected President H.E. Taur Matan Ruak to the Presidential Palace to share with him our security concerns for this momentous event.

FM recommended the President and the media play a significant role in explaining clearly to the public his role in the formation of government, notably in the case of no single party winning an absolute majority. To avoid a repeat of the confusion that surrounded the 2007 parliamentary elections, FM recommends that the President clearly outline what a coalition government is and what the constitution discloses in the event of such an outcome. This would be of great benefit because there still lies a growing sense of confusion among the general population on this matter and confusion can often lead to tension. Many political parties are already talking of outright victories, but the reality is that the likely outcome of the upcoming parliamentary elections will give no absolute victory to any single political party.

Additionally, FM brought up during our meeting with the President, the rather low number of PNTL officers available to secure the elections. With a total of 2200 officers at the PNTL’s disposal, it can be argued whether this number is sufficient enough or not. UNPOL will provide backup, but with calls for larger numbers of voting centres, our police force will be stretched significantly. This raises two points. The first one is uncontroversial and entails the need to geographically identify probable hotspots for violence so to strategically position PNTL officers. The second is rather more controversial and entails questioning what role, if any, should the F-FDTL have in securing the parliamentary elections. For this second point, we hope to gain comments from our readership to gauge a position on the matter from the public.

FM thanks President Taur Matan Ruak for giving us this opportunity to share our security concerns for the upcoming parliamentary elections and we appreciate his efforts at acquiring the views and opinions of civil society.

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