Prezidenti Iha Direitu Haforsa Siguransa

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Prezidenti Taur Matan Ruak halo resvista ba parade militar iha 20 Maiu 2012

Foin lalais media nasional sita Prezidente foun Taur Matan Ruak, husu atu haforsa siguransa iha palasiu Prezidenti no temi polisia militar maka mak fornese siguransa ho fo protesaun rigrozu nian.

Ida ne’e fo surpreza ba ema hotu fo nia reasaun maka’as husi populasun balun, ne’ebe temi pozisaun Presidenti haforsa siguransa ne’ebe toma konta husi militar ne’e prezidenti Taur Matan Ruak hakarak hadook an husi publiku.

Fundasaun Mahein (FM) hakarak esplika konaba asuntu ne’e. Iha asuntu konaba guardaun Prezidenti & Siguransa, hatur iha Lei Organiku Prezidenti Republika Artigu (No.3/2011 Fulan Juni dia 1 ), 12,4 mak haktuir mai ne’e:

“ba eskoltu Prezidenti ka Siguransa ba Prezidente hetan aprovasuan husi Prezidente Republika husi proposta mai husi Komadante Geral PNTL “.

Tanba ne’e maka, ho hanoin dahuluk nian, membru eskoltu ka protesaun siguransa nian tenki parte husi PNTL no komandante Geral PNTL halo proposta ba membru sira ne’ebe fo siguransa ba Prezidenti. Maibe, ho teknikamente dehan katak , ne’e tenki iha proposta husi Komandu Geral PNTL ba Polisia Militar no hetan akordu husi Komendu Geral F-FDTL bele iha nia legalidade.

Lei no mos la klaru katak eskoltu ka guarda Prezidenti Republika tenki mai husi PNTL, tan ne’e mak halo konfunzaun. FM hakarak hare’e iha klarifikasaun husi Sekretariu Estadu Defeza no Parlamentu Komisaun B konaba asuntu ne’e. Iha mudansa buat ruma konaba lei persiza los iha esplikasaun ruma atu hetan nia solusaun klaru ruma.

Iha biban liu ba, prezidenti Xanana Gusmao ho Prezidente Jose Ramos Horta iha aplikasaun lakohi uza asistensia siguransa husi Polisia Militar halo siguransa iha sira nia palasiu, tuir FM hanoin katak konaba siguransa fo ba Xefi Estadu atu haforsa tanba tentativa 2008 mos bele sai nudar baze ba argumentu ne’e. Iha biban ida ne’e hakarak mos fo hanoin ba publiku katak iha nasaun barak iha mundu Siguransa ba Xefe Estadu ne’e rigrozu no masimu tanba risku ass teb-tebes no FM lakohi Timor-Leste mos diferente husi rai seluk.

The President’s Right to Enhanced Security

The media was recently quoted claiming that new President Taur Matan Ruak, had requested that security be beefed up at the Presidential Palace by calling on the Military Police to offer their services in providing increased protection.

This has surprised many and has stirred up quite a strong reaction by some segments of the population, claiming his doesn’t have the right and fearing perhaps a militarization of the presidential position and that President Taur Matan Ruak is distancing himself from the general population.

Fundasaun Mahein (FM) would like to shed some light on the matter. In terms of Presidential Guard & Security, according to the Organic Law of the Presidency of the Republic (Law No.3/2011 of 1 June), article 12.4 states the following:

“The members of the Presidential Guard and Security are approved by the
President of the Republic, on proposal of the PNTLGeneral Commander”.

Therefore, at first glance, it would seem that the members of the Presidential Guard and Security should be part of the PNTL seeing at is the PNTL General Commander that proposes members. However, it could be argued technically, that should the PNTL General Commander proposemembers from the Military Police (and the F-FDTL General Commander give hisaccord), it would be lawful.

The law is unclear whether or not those members of the Presidential Guard and Security must solely be officers from the PNTL, thus allowing a sense of confusion. FM would like to see clarification of this law brought forward by both the State Secretary of Defence and Parliamentary Committee B. A possible amendment of the law may be required to settle the issue.

Although previous presidents Xanana Gusmao and Jose Ramos Horta both chose not resort to Military Police aid in securing the Presidential Palace, FM feels it is important that full security be given to our country’s head of state, especially in light of the 2008 incident. May we also remind the public, that in most countries around the world, security measures guarding head of states are extremely stringent and at FM, we don’t see why this should be any different in Timor-Leste.

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