FM Husu Programa Sustentabilidade no Hamenus Depedensia

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Semana kotuk liu ba Fundasaun Mahein (FM) husu ba partidu politikus hotu atu aprenzenta programa sira hili atu halo desizaun ida ne’ebé los nian. Maibé, kampania ida ne’e partidus barak mak koalia liu konaba subsidi ne’ebé partidus politika sira la foka ba politika dezenvolvementu ne’ebé solidu no sustentabilidade, ne’ebé benefisiu diak ba Timor-Leste ba tempu naruk nian ho ambisaun boot.

Haforsa ba dezenvolvementu ne’ebé iha tempu naruk nian persiza tebes modelu dezenvolvementu nasaun nian tenki hasai ema husi kiak no mukit no bele aumenta sira nia rendementu minimum naton tuir planu strategi dezenvovementu governu nian iha tinan 2030. Partidu politikus sira tenki halo fokus ba projeitu sira ne’ebé iha sustentabilidade ne’ebé fo benefisiu diak ba povu barak.

Investimentu boot persiza ba ita nia nasaun maka, infrastrutura, edukasaun, turizmu, saude, argrikultura urbanizasaun no ita nia siguransa. Utiliza osanmentu ho transparante no akontabilidade ba seitor hirak ne’e, sei benefisiu ba ema barak iha tempu naruk. Ida ne’e sei kria serbisu barak, edukasaun diak no saude diak ba Timor oan sira, no siguransa ai-han ne’ebé diak, no profesionaliza autor siguransa sira.

Investementu naton persiza tempu atu hare’e nia rezultadu, maibe persiza tebes. maibe, partidu politiku barak maka la hare’e konaba aspirasaun ba benefisiu ne’ebé hetan iha tempu. Tanba ne’e maka sira hases an husi problema boot no kompleksu no hasai promesas ba subsidiu. Ne’e iha tempu badak, no dadaun ne’e fo ona ba veteranu sira, maibé ba tempu naruk sira kria ona dependensia, ema oituan liu mak iha kreatividade no hanoin kritiku no sei direita ba gastu osan ne’ebé persiza barak atu hala’o dezenvolvementu sustentabilidade.

Partidu politik ne’ebé koalia deit konaba subsidiu, lala’ok ne’ebé dala barak liu mak partidus politikus sira hanesan ne’e laiha programa politika ne’ebé real atu fo sai no halo defeza ba. Atu motiva sira hetan ukun sai biban boot, no ida ne’e sei halo failansu ba dezenvolvementu iha futuru iha Timor-Leste no numeiru kiak kontinua hetok sae ba desibalizasaun, no mos gastu osan naran-naran deit husi osanmentu limitadu nian ne’ebé husi fundus minarai.

FM rekomenda ba partidus politiku sira atu hapara ataka malu no fokus deit ba prezenta programa solidu nian. FM husu atu sira halo planeamentu ne’ebé diak atu halo kontribui ba programa subsidiu ne’ebé sira aprenzeta no programa ba futuru sira ba povu Timor oan maioria sei laiha servisu ne’e.

FM mos husu ba partidus politik sira atu hapara promesas eleisaun nian ne’ebé hanesan (fahe teritoriu Timor-leste ba provinsia hat) ne’e viola Konstitusaun. Partidu Politika balun persiza hatene didiak nasaun ne’e ninia konstitusaun ho diak, antes koalia kontra hasoru konstitusaun, se lae sira persiza fo sugestaun halo amandamentu ba konstitusaun, ne’ebé sira persiza aponta antis sira hahu. Partidus politikus sira tenki realistiku proposta no la’os atu aproveita ba limitasaun edukasaun husi elitor sira.

Dala ida tan, FM bolu atensaun ba kandidatus eleitor sira atu hanoin kritiku, no hili patridus politiku ne’ebé maka fo programa politiku diak nian ba dezenvolvementu sustentabilidade ba nasaun Timor-Leste.

FM Calls For More Sustainability And Less Dependency

Last week Fundasaun Mahein (FM) called on all political parties to present their programs so that voters could make a more informed decision. However, during this campaign, many parties seem to focus on delivering handouts to lure voters instead of presenting solid sustainable development programs, more beneficial to Timor-Leste’s long-term ambitions.

More emphasis is needed on sustainable modes of development if our country is to lift the vast majority of its people out of poverty and attain mid-income level status by 2030 outlined in the government’s strategic development plan. Political parties should be focusing on sustainable projects that will offer fruitful results that will be reaped by large sections of the population.

Investment is largely needed in our country’s infrastructure, education, health care system, agriculture, urban planning and naturally our security institutions. Money if spent properly and transparently into any of these areas, will be beneficial to many in the long run. These will create more jobs, a better-educated and healthier generation of Timorese, greater food security and more professional security forces.

These sorts of investments take time to see their results, but are desperately required. However, many political parties are blinded by short-term aspirations and gains. Therefore, they avoid tackling the bigger and more complex issues, and instead seek support by promising handouts. These in the short term, may provide some sort of stability such as does handed to veterans, but in the long run, they create dependency, limit people’s creativity and critical thinking and direct much needed funding away from far reaching sustainable projects.

Political parties that simply talk about providing handouts, most likely means that these parties have no real political programs to showcase and defend. Gaining power is most likely their main motivation and should they come into power, this could spell more development failures in Timor-Leste and thus continuing high levels of poverty, and a greater potential for instability, as well as wasting more money from our limited oil fund.

FM recommends that all political parties stop attacking each other and focus solely on presenting solid programmes. We hope they do away with their plans to distribute more handouts and present instead programs that place a great emphasis on sustainability, the only way to offer a better future for the majority of Timorese.

FM also wishes that political parties cease from making electoral promises (such as dividing Timor-Leste into four provinces) that go against the constitution. Some parties should ensure they understand this country’s constitution more properly, before talking about reforms that go against it, unless they suggest amending the constitution, in which case they should state their intentions from the start. Political parties need to make realistic proposals and not take advantage of the limited education of many within the electorate.

Once again, FM calls on every single prospective voter to think as critically as possible, and select the political party they feel offers the best and most sustainable political program for Timor-Leste.

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