Partidu Polítiku Sira Nian Polítika Ba Seitor Defeza no Siguransa Periodu 2012-2017

Partidu Polítiku Sira Nian Polítika Ba Seitor Defeza no Siguransa Periodu 2012-2017 post thumbnail image

Fundasaun Mahein, 29 Juñu 2012

Komunikadu Imprenza

Mahein Nia Lian No. 36 (Versaun Tetum.pdf) ne’e halo revizaun ba politika konaba siguransa ho defeza nia husi partidus politikus sira ne’ebé agora halo kompete iha eleisaun parlamentar mai. Meta husi publikasaun ida ne’e atu fo oportunidade ba leitor sira atu le’e no komprende politika konaba seguransa ho defeza nian maka partidus politikus sira aprezenta atu nune’e elitor sira bele halo desizaun ida ne’ebé diak iha eleisaun parlamentar 7 Jullu mai ne’e.

Bodik ba relatoriu ida ne’e nia meta, FM halo intervisra ho Partidu Politiku boot hanesan CNRT, FRETILIN & PD no mos partidu politiku ki’ik ida maka PUN. Foka ba partidu Politiku boot tanba iha biban boot partidu sira ne’e bele hari’i governu futuru. Maibé mos partidus Poltiku sira ne’ebé registu iha Comissão Nacional de Eleições (CNE) ne’e hamutuk 21 partidus ho kolegasaun tolu.

Husu intervista hirak ne’e, FM tenta foka ba objetivu jeral konaba Politika ba seitor Siguransa ho Defeza ne’ebé partidu Politika sira proposata iha Timor-Leste. Maibé mos iha politika ba seitor ne’e ladun fokus atu habertan setor ida ne’e. Nune’e mos, laiha politika ida hosi partidu politiku sira atu halo kontinuasaun ba atividades husi Sekretaria Estadu rua mak SED ho SES ba tinan 5 ne’e nian.


Iha area defeza hanesan los iha konsensus jeral husi partidu politika sira atu kontinua dezenvolve politika defeza nian, presiza halo investimentu ba komponente naval, aero, infrastrutura, lejizlasaun no rekursu humanus. Maib”e, partidu politika sira la konsege halo indentifikasaun ba ameasa real iha area defeza nian iha Timor-Leste, no oinsa maka halo preparasaun diak ba ameasas sira husi pontu nasional ho internasional nian. Karik ameasa la konsege identifika ho diak, maka planu atu haberan seitor defeza sei ladun diak no signifikativu. Exemplu, ita nia presiza konaba komponente Aero temi bebeik, maibé wainhira husu kle’an konaba ida ne’e oinsa konaba razaun konaba ita nia persiza no definisaun missaun ba komponente ne’e, partidus politika sira resposta ho rezaun la kle’an no la klaru. Inkapasidade halo definisaun ba ameasa sei habiban resposta ida ne’ebé ladun diak.

Nune’e mos partidu Politika balun taun seitor siguransa ho defeza iha perioridade sekundaria, maibé mos la halo definisaun konaba razaun tabba-sa mak sira tau iha pontu sekundaria.

Partidus politika sira iha sira nia proposta halo reforma ba lejizlasaun atu matadalan iha kurikulum ba PNTL atu haberan Polisiamentu Komunitariu, investe ba infrastrutura no dezenvolve koperasan bilateral ho nasaun vizinus.

Maibé problema dadaun ne’e halo ita nia PNTL la halo knar diak tanba seidauk iha estudus ida hanesan/buku putih ne’ebé identifika nudar mata dalan ida. Estudus PNTL sei sai mata dalan ida ba PNTL atu dezenvolve, defini numeru PNTL hira, nune’e mos lala’ok polisiamentu oinsa mak ita presiza iha Timor-Leste.

Konaba asuntus sira ne’ebé temi ona iha leten Partidu Politiku hakarak implementa dokumentus estudus forsa 2020 ne’ebé dehan bazeia ba ameasas domestika no Partidus politiku sira iha governu AMP komesa impelementa forsa 2020 ne’ebé halo dokumentu naran planu dezenvolvementu forsa. Perguntasa mak ida ne’e, hases husi ita nia esforsu maka’as atu identifika potensia ameasa, nusa mak ita la halo revizaun ida ne’e tuir lolos iha nia resposta?

FM rekomenda ba governu foun mai:

1) Timor-Leste halo ona akordu bilateral ho multilateral saida deit. Hanesan Akordu SOFA ho Estadus Unidus maibé ita seidauk iha revizaun ka aprovasaun husi parlamentu nasional.
2) Halo revizaun ba Lei Militar.

3) Institutu Defeza Nasional (IND) presiza iha operasaun konkretu no peskiza ka analiza ba isu sira ne’ebé iha relasaun ba defeza

4) Lei siguransa nasional haktuir katak politika siguransa integradu maibé la klaru ba kada dirasaun ida idak ne’ebé iha institusaun seitor siguransa ho defeza halo kordenasaun diak.

5) Ausntu seluk ne’ebé relatoriu ne’e detekta maka presiza Autoridade Maritima Nasional nian ne’ebé halo protesaun ba vida sivil no liga ba politika siguransa nasional

Atu hatene klean liu konaba asuntu ne’e bele kontaktu
Nélson Belo,
Diretor Fundasaun Mahein
Tlp +670 737 4222

Fundasaun Mahein, 29 June 2012

Press Release

Political Party Policies on Security & Defence for 2012-2017

Fundasaun Mahein’s (FM) latest publication is a review on the policy on Security and Defence of the main political parties contesting the upcoming parliamentary election. The aim was to give our readers the opportunity to learn more on the policies proposed by the main political parties so that they can make a more informed decision come July 7th.

For the purpose of this report, FM interviewed political heavyweights CNRT, FRETILIN & PD as well as the smaller PUN. The focus on these three political parties is because of their likelihood in receiving the greatest number of votes and thus forming government. However all together there are 21 Political parties contesting the elections as well as three coalition political parties registered with the Comissão Nacional de Eleições (CNE).

From our interviews, we picked up on a general positive interest from the political parties to further develop the Security and Defense sector in Timor-Leste. However, there is a lack of specific policy focusing on security sector development. Additionally, there is no political policy to develop further the state secretaries for defense and security (SED & SES) or to support their existing initiatives and activities.


In the area of Defense there seems to be a general consensus by all political parties on the need to invest further on our navy, a prospective air force, infrastructure, legislation and human resources. However most political parties were unable to identify potential real threats to the defense of Timor-Leste and how to better prepare for them domestically and internationally. If threats are not well defined, any plans to develop both our security and defense sectors will be deficient.

For example a need for an air force was expressed several times, but when quizzed on the reasons behind this necessity and the definition of the mission for this component, responses were unclear. An inability to clearly define threats will lead to inadequate responses.

Additionally many political parties stated that they placed the defense sector as a secondary priority, but once again were unable to identify the reasons for this choice.

PD, FRETILIN, CNRT on Security

The political parties (PP) at hand proposed reforms on the laws guiding the PNTL and placed importance on institutionalizing community policing, reviewing the curriculum, installing an effective retirement reform for retiring PNTL officers, investing in infrastructure and developing further bilateral cooperation with our neighbors. However, a major problem affecting our police force is the absence of specific guidelines such as a white paper that would define it. A white paper can help guide the PNTL’s development, and define the number of officers needed, as well as what kind of police service is needed in Timor-Leste.

Some of the above-mentioned PP have come out stating that they would like to enforce the Forsa 2020 document based on real domestic threats and AMP PP have interpreted the Forsa 2020 document and formed the “Plano Dezemvolvemento Forsa”. The question is despite our best efforts at defining potential threats, why are we not able to define their appropriate responses?

FM would like to make the following recommendations we hope the new government would consider:

1) Timor-Leste has numerous bilateral and multilateral agreements but we do not have any MoUs. For example, with the United States, Timor-Leste only has the SOFA agreement but it needs reviewing and has to be approved by the National Parliament.

2) A review on the statute of the Army.

3) The National Defense Institute (NDI) needs to come into operation and conduct research, analysis and studies on defense issues.

4) The National Security Law stipulates an integrated political security policy but does not clearly direct each security institution and their level of coordination.

5) Other security issues are the need for legislation on civilian protection law and the need for a National Maritime Authority that is linked to.

For further information regarding this article please contact
Nélson Belo,
Director of Fundasaun Mahein
Tlp +670 737 4222

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