Feto Iha PNTL: Inisiativa, Susesu no Dezafiu

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Fundasaun Mahein, 21 Outobru 2013

Komunikadu Imprensa

Liu Husi Mahein Nia Lian Nú 61 (Relatoriu kompletu versaun tetum,pdf), (English Version.pdf) halo analiza kona-ba Partisipasaun feto iha prosesu konstrusaun Nasaun liu husi instituisaun PNTL ne’e signifikante tebes. Dadus rekapitulasaun feto iha PNTL hamutuk 593, husi total ida ne’e feto 148 hetan pozisaun no 445 la hetan pozisaun. Husi total ida ne’e mos feto na’in rua hetan postu ne’ebé superior ho kategoria ofisial superior ho diviza superintendete na’in ida no superintendente asistente na’in ida mos.

FM nia monitorizasun hare katak iha susesu lubuk ida husi lideransa feto nian iha intituisaun PNTL. Susesu no inisiativa husi baze ho rezultadu pozitiviu tebes hodi garante paz no hakmatek iha komunidade. Maibe susesu no inisiativa hirak ne’e seidauk hetan atensaun masimu husi Governu. Komadante Distritu Liquisa Superintendente Natercia Soares Martins ho nia inisiativa serbisu hamutuk ho parseiru dezenvolvimentu sira, ONG, lider komunitaria no komunidade iha Distritu Liquisa hari’i Siguransa Voluntariu (SV) nu’udar modelu pratika polisiamentu komunitaria ba prevensaun konflitu nian.

Asuntu seluk FM nia monitorizasaun hare katak iha dezafiu balu ba feto iha instituisaun PNTL nia laran. Iha desizaun balu dalabalu ignora tiha feto nia opiniaun no la tau importansia ba preokupasaun sira husi feto no interese feto nian. Dalabalu mos iha pozisaun sira ne’ebé feto okupa maibe laiha poder foti desizaun no rona liu saida maka mane sira ko’alia.

Kazu seluk iha ambitu foti desizaun nian, membru PNTL mane sira dala barak konsidera feto PNTL laiha kapasidade atu halo desizaun, la importante atu rona feto nia lian ka ideias tanba la rasional, ho razaun hirak ne’e dala barak feto PNTL nonok no simu deit saida maka PNTL mane sira diside ona hodi hala’o tuir sira nia desizaun maske dala barak sira la konkorda ho asuntu sira ne’e no hili nonok deit. Nune’e mos feto sira dalaruma tauk wainhira atu diside buat ruma, maske hanoin ne’e los.

Dezafiu seluk hanesan “voz ativa” ne’ebé maka laiha atensaun husi superior mane sira sai hanesan dezafiu ida ba PNTL feto atu serbisu ho diak tuir papel PNTL feto iha instituisaun nia laran. Ho dezafiu sira ne’ebé maka feto hasoru iha sira nia atividade nu’udar PNTL feto no fo influensia ba sira nia psikolojia katak PNTL mane maka iha liu poder. PNTL feto lapresiza ba area operasaun, la importante atu iha balansu entre PNTL feto no mane iha area ne’ebé maka kaer pasta halo disizaun nian. Feto sai opsaun segundu iha instituisaun nia laran ne’ebé maka nia kapasidade merese liu kuandu iha jestaun no administrasaun nian.


1. Rekomenda ba SEPI no Rede Feto ne’ebé sai mahon ba feto iha Timor-Leste atu hare nesesidade no importansia ba feto sira ne’ebé maka involve iha seitor siguransa no defeza, liu-liu abilidade ne’ebé maka sai razaun fundamental ba feto nia papel hodi sira labele hetan violasaun.

2. Rekomenda ba Sekretaria Estadu Siguransa, instituisaun atu kapasita maka’as liu tan feto iha instituisaun PNTL nia laran liu husi edukasaun formal no naun-formal, no fo bolsu estudu ba feto sira ne’ebé ho edukasaun minimu hodi hasa’e sira nia kapasidade hodi nune feto iha preparasaun ba sira nia ann rasik iha instituisaun nia laran atu bele sai hanesan ema importante hodi bele foti desizaun iha instituisaun ne’e rasik.

3. Rekomenda ba Komisaun B Parlamentu Nasional no Grupu Feto Parlamentar atu halo fiskalizasaun ba asuntu feto nian iha institusiaun siguransa no alerta rekomendasaun sira ne’e ba Governu hodi hadia asuntu jeneru iha instituisaun siguransa.

4. Rekomenda ba Sekretaria Estadu Siguransa presiza apoiu politika no orsamentu ba atividade polisiamentu komunitaria ne’ebé ho inisiativa hari’i Siguransa Vountariu iha distritu nu’udar ezemplu ne’ebé hatudu husi lideransa feto PNTL.

Atu hatene kle’an liu kona-bá asuntu ne’e bele kontaktu:

Nélson Belo
Diretur Fundasaun Mahein
Website: www.fundasaunmahein.org
E-mail: nelson@fundasaunmahein.org
Tlp: +670 7737 4222

Fundasaun Mahein, 21 October 2013

Press release

Women in PNTL: Initiative, Success and Challenges

Female participation in the process of state construction through the PNTL is very significant. There are 593 women enlisted in the PNTL. Of this number, 148 women work in a position of authority and 445 are regular police officers. Two women hold a high post, one with the category of superior officer with a rank of Superintendent, and the other with the rank of Superintendent Assistant.

FM’s monitoring identified some indicators of success for the female leadership of the PNTL institution. The efforts of female officers from the field often showed positive results and lead to violence reduction and peace in many communities. One such officer is the Liquisa District Commander, Superintendent Natercia Soares Martins, who has succesfully initiated a partnership with developmental organizations, NGOs, community leaders, and community members in Liquisa district to establish a volunteer security (VS) program as a tool for conflict prevention. Despite the initiative shown by many more women like Superintendent Martins, the accomplishments of female officers is granted little attention from government officials.

FM also identified other challenges for women serving in the PNTL. In some instances, women face obstacles in voicing their opinions regarding organizational decisions. The sad truth that a women’s opinion does not carry the same weight as the opinion of a male colleague is a problem that is faced by women in all levels of the chain of command in the PNTL.

This problem exists because many male PNTL members do not consider female officers as capable of making critical decisions related to police work, and do not pay attention to the voice of their female colleagues as a result. Many women respond by shutting down and giving up attempts to make their voice heard, even when they have good ideas or valid concerns. This systematic sexism is weakening the PNTL and dis-enfranchising some of its most valuable members.

The lack of influence women hold has a negative impact on psychology and morale in the PNTL. Furthermore, women are rarely deployed to operation areas despite their desire and capability to do so. In conclusion, women are treated as subordinate members of the PNTL relegated to mostly menial management and administrative duties.


1. Recommend to SEPI and Rede Feta to create a support network in Timor-Leste to uphold the necessity and importance of female participation in the security and defense sector.

2. Recommend to the Secretary of State for Security to support women in the PNTL through increased formal and non-formal education such as giving scholarships to those with a minimal education in order to prepare them to take on leadership and decision-making roles in the organization.

3. Recommend to the commission B of the National Parliament and Women’s Group in parliament to evaluate the status of women in security sector organizations and to provide recommendations to the government in order to fix gender issues in the security sector.

4. Recommend to Secretary of State for Security to support and fund community policing activities, to create an initiative to establish volunteers for security in the Districts as a practical example of leadership from women in the PNTL.

To learn more about this issue please contact:

Nelson Belo
Director of Fundasaun Mahein
Website: www.fundasaunmahein.org
E-mail: nelson@fundasaunmahein.org
Tlp: +670 7737 4222

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