The Everlasting Problem of Veterans

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Today (28/06) in Baucau District, veterans have set out to reorganise their structures and earlier this month veteran payments began. However according to media sources, there has been grievances expressed by some veterans who claim that their payments are not based on the proper amount of service they completed.
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It is Fundasaun Mahein’s (FM) knowledge that there is specific legislation pertaining to veteran’s affairs and since 1999, veteran organisations have been actively advocating for veterans issues. There is also a state secretariat for veteran affairs but since 2000 neither the government nor these veteran organisations have been able to resolve for good all veteran issues.
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Veteran issues have become an everlasting problem in Timor-Leste for all.

If veterans in Baucau have decided to reorganise themselves again, FM would like to ask what have the 1999 veteran organisations been advocating for? Has the government been properly applying veteran legislation? And what will the upcoming government do to handle these existing problems?
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Most political parties in their campaigns when talking about veteran issues, have been referring to the provision of subsidies but have not made any real attempt at providing durable solutions to tackle the issues that matter.

Will the veterans be a thorn digging into the new government’s shoes or will they form more of an insole?

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  1. meadus 84 sr.mauk Rende tia ona,atu koalia saida ho sr. Xanana konaba 85.ita hotu atu dezemvolve rai ida ne,problema kik entre sr.mauk ho sr.xanana mas tan sa povo lubuk ida sai vitima ou jogu karik??

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