Institutionalized Land Dispute Conflict Resolution System

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Deskuite Problema Rai: Lider Komunitaria husi distritu 13 halo diskusaun ho I Vise Prezidenti Parlamentu Nasional Adriano Nascimento kona-ba problema rai iha salaun konfrensia PN, Kinta, (30/08). foto FM

Last month the heads of villages across all 13 districts will arrive in Dili to meet the Vice President of Parliament. The head of the cefi suku is particularly concerned about the parliament’s addressing of policy effects on the ground level. The Xefi suku would like for members of parliament to consider policy implications more deeply before creating laws, especially with land laws.
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As an example – in the last five years a number of people have died or been wounded in conflicts over land in the districts of Ermera, Baucau, Bobonaro, and Dili. The violence has included attacks from machetes and stomping. These conflicts stemmed from unclear land laws – their absence in the districts and their unfavorability to some residents – but resulted in violence when the people turned to a personal system of justice. Therefore, these conflicts also stemmed from a disregard of the rule of law.
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The violent results could have been stopped with effective institutionalized conflict resolution protocols for the symptoms of land disputes (to be turned to until the land disputes themselves can be settled). Yet the current system is not visible, lacking complaint intake centers, and ultimately ineffective.

How can the state create visibility and accessibility to the rule of law for interpersonal conflict? How can Timor-Leste keep it citizens from turning to unofficial channels of justice?

Fundasaun Mahein (FM) recommends the government institutionalize PNTL protocol in dealing with land disputes and civil disputes. Resolving civil conflict between people can prevent criminal activity and killing.
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FM also recommends institutionalized intake procedures at the village level. FM would also like to see an empowered, fully-implemented community police service working with village leaders to provide conflict prevent.

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