Bad roads impede election security

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Fundasaun Mahein, 16 March 2012

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Bad roads impede election security

Mahein’s Voice No 31 is an argument on the impact of the infrastructure, in particular the bad roads that show indications of impeding the security of the 2012 general election. The importance of the road is that it facilitates the community in their daily activities, such as access to health centers, trade, education, road trips to visit other family members, as well facilitating the security sector in providing daily road patrols. However, if the condition of roads is bad then this will have a negative impact on the said activities particularly on the security of 2012 general election.

In this Mahein’s Voice 31 Fundasaun Mahein did a thorough research on the condition of the roads and its effect on the work of the PNTL in securing this general election. Fundasaun Mahein has also sighted some of the concerns shared by the CNE (National Election Commission) as to the bad and dangerous conditions of the road which will have a big impact on this year’s elections.

In our research some of the bad roads that have affected link between some of the districts and sucos include; the road between Ainaro district and suku Defawasi, Sub-district Baguia and distric Baucau, Suco Afaloicai, Sub-district Baguia and district Baucau and Suco Afaloikai ho Oso-Una. All of the refereed roads mentioned above will have a negative impact on the general election because the conditions of these roads are horrendous and dangerous including the road in Socu Tebabui Sub-district Bobonaro, District Bobonaro and many more. The roads in the area of Sub-district Liquidoe towards the city of Aileu have almost fallen off due to landslides.

In our view the condition of roads mentioned above will also affect the ability of the PNTL to effectively execute its routine road patrols as well as its ability to respond to security threats. Also, the horrendous condition of the roads may provide an opportunity for unidentified groups to create chaos if these groups know that the PNTL will have difficulties accessing the area.

Based on the issues discussed above Fundasaun Mahein would like to recommend to the government and its relevant institutions that:

1. The government facilitates the sharing of information between the PNTL and the Ministry of Infrastructure. This is important in terms of providing the PNTL with the right information on the exact location of horrendous roads so that the PNTL can be better prepared when it needs to access difficult areas.

2. The PNTL cooperate with the Department of National Land Transportation in order to provide road signs in areas where there are dangerous road conditions. This is important in order to provide precautions during high period of vehicle movements triggered by political campaigns and election preparations.

3. The government provides excavators on standby and ready for work at places where the likelihood of landslides are high. This is important in order to open alternate routes for CNE, STAE and PNTL so these organizations can carry out their assigned tasks.

4. The PNTL allocate its personnel to the different polling locations well ahead of polling day.

5. The PNTL, CNE and STAE identify alternative routes in areas where access is difficult.

6. The PNTL identify areas where difficulty in access by roads will heighten the possibility of civil disturbance.

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