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Abel Amaral

Abel Amaral was born in Baulela, Cova Lima district. He studied at the University of Timor-Timur (UNTIM) from 1997 to 1999, but his studies were interrupted by the 1999 referendum and crisis. He subsequently began a career as an English teacher in the Paulo VI School for six months. Afterwards he continued teaching English in the Suai Youth Center for several more months.  After leaving his teaching responsibilities, Abel began a new career to serve in the UNTAET mission as an English language translator for the UN Peacekeeping Force from 2000 to 2004. Abel continued his career in the UNMISET, UNOTIL and UNMIT missions in order to take the role of official UN human rights officer in the Suai region. He finally completed his studies and graduated with a degree in Law from University of Peace (UNPAZ) in 2017.

In addition working for the UN Mission in Timor-Leste, Abel has also worked as a trainer on human rights, penal code, gender, domestic violence, children’s rights, and torture for PNTL, teachers, NGOs, community and youth groups and students in the Suai region. Also, Abel has participated in international training courses in Italy, Egypt and Thailand about human rights, conflict resolution and international law.

Abel has also worked as a technical support assistance for the 2012 election, and has provided civic education through TVTL and Radio UNMIT. Currently Abel Amaral works as Fundasaun Mahein’s Director for Administration and Finance.



Advinda was born in Dili on 17 December 1994. She graduated from the Faculty of Health Science in UNDIL in 2018. Currently Advinda works as Fundasaun Mahein’s Admin and Finance Officer.

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