Maneja Ho Sala Maneja Kilat PNTL Iha Timor-Leste

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Feto kaer kilat boot

Fundasaun Mahein, 13 Agusto 2012

Komunikadu Imprenza

Mahein Nia Lian Nú 38 (Versaun Tetun.pdf) ( Versaun Inglesh.pdf) deskreve katak tuir konkluzaun bá eleisaun 2012 nian ho paz iha Timor-Leste, sinal katak buat hotu los tiha ona UNMIT ho forsa internasional sei remata iha Dezembru 2012 no responsabilidade hotu sei iha Timor oan nia liman ho Polisia Nasional Timor-Leste (PNTL).

Maibé alegasaun oho hasoru estudante UNDIL nian Armindo Pereira Alves husi PNTL no manifestasaun durante loron rua iha 15-16 Jullu nia laran kestiona kona-bá atuasaun ita nia Polisia Nasional: PNTL hatudu progresu signifikativu depois krize 2006 ne’e sofre ba faksaun, maibé dadaun ne’e nafatin PNTL sai institusaun ne’ebé seidauk jere nia aset ho adekuadu no perigu los maka kilat.

Istoria kona-bá jere sala kilat PNTL hahu iha tinan 2001 to’o ohin loron. Hahu husi 2001, komesa ona jere sala kilat ho númeru boot. Tanba momentu ne’eba ema lubuk maka mate bá hahalok membru PNTL uza sala kilat iha tempu off duty ka la’os tempu serbisu. Iha mos lala’ok PNTL ne’ebé halo lakon kilat barak hanesan antes no durante krize 2006. Fundasaun Mahein (FM) hetan entre Jullu 2008 to’o Janeiru 2011, PNTL lakon ona pistola 26 ho marka 9 mm Glock. FM detekta katak laiha kapasidade no halo lakon kilat hirak ne’e partikular iha krize 2006, ne’e halo tauk los.

Fudasaun Mahein konsidera publiku Timor-Leste laiha informasaun kona-bá total kilat hirak maka lakon. Iha 2011 ka molok 2012 remata, Fundasaun Mahein (FM) grava ona númeru kilat rua ne’ebé la hanesan ba total kilat PNTL ne’ebé lakon. Ikus mai memo ida husi PNTL iha loron 6 Janeiru 2011 fo sai katak total kilat hamutuk 47 maka lakon, iha workshop ida, PNTL-FFDTL halo hamutuk iha loron 5 Janeiru 2012 dehan katak kilat 52 sei kontinua lakon. Fundasaun Mahein (FM) konfuzaun los kona-bá ida ne’e, atu fiar total kilat ida ne’ebé maka bele fiar. Tanba audit kilat seidauk halo ho transparante no públiku la hetan informasaun kona-bá ida ne’e.

Relasaun kona-bá ida ne’e, Fundasaun Mahein kestiaona kona-bá jestaun kilat PNTL nian ho ligasaun kona-bá perkuramentu kilat ba PNTL ho F-FDTL – kontinua nafatin prosesu ida ne’ebé laiha transparante no laiha monitorizasaun husi sosiadade sivil sira. Iha tinan hirak ikus ne’e governu Timor-Leste halo ona perkuramentu kona-bá kilat barak maibé laiha informasuan bá públiku kona-bá total hira, númeru, tipu kilat saida, ba kilat estadu ne’ebé fo sai nune’e mos kilat sira ne’ebé troka ona ka tau iha armajem. Sidadaun Timor-Leste tenki konsidera katak konsekuensia potensial jere sala kilat no halakon kilat kontinua, no bebeik hela deit.

Evidensia hatudu katak PNTL seidauk maneja kilat ho diak, no rezulta husi ne’e, dala ruma polisia tenki sai responsabilidade ba hahalok uza sala kilat ne’ebé hamate sidadaun sivil sira. Tuir lolos insidente uza sala kilat bele hadia, Fundasuan Mahein (FM) fiar katak hahalok uza sala kilat iha Timor-Leste kontinua as.

Tanba ne’e, Fundasaun Mahein (FM) fiar katak kilat ne’e nasaun nian, no nasaun iha nia povu ne’ebé iha derietu atu hatene kona-bá oinsa maka jere kilat tanba dala ruma kilat uza halo povu vitima maibé povu hatene katak utuliza kilat atu fo protesaun ba sira nia siguransa.

Razaun sira ne’ebé kontinua halo sala jere kilat PNTL, iha kategoria tolu ne’ebé hotu-hotu iha relasaun ba:

• Dahuluk, PNTL ladún iha disiplina, maske komandu ne’ebé senior ka junior, hakruk bá lei uza kilat nian iha Timor-Leste.

• Daruak, sistema justisa dala barak la hari’i lolos prosesu ne’ebé diak kona-bá PNTL ne’ebé uza sala kilat.

• Datoluk, PNTL to’o agora seidauk iha armajem kilat iha edifisiu sira iha Timor laran tomak.

Rekomendasaun Fundasaun Mahein:

1. Sekretariu Estadu ba Siguransa (SES) tenki estabelese ona armajem ba kilat nian ho funsionamentu sistema iha postu polisia iha teritoriu tomak.

2. SES tenki hasai fali kilat iha postu PNTL sira ne’ebé laiha armejem kilat nian.

3. Kona-bá lala’ok PNTL uza sala kilat tenki fo sansaun ida ne’ebé forte tuir lei iha Timor-Leste.

4. SES tenki halo públikasaun ho detaillu kona-bá uza sala kilat ho kada tipu kazu, nune’e mos husu audit kilat PNTL nian ho verifikasaun independente no hetan fiskalizasaun husi Parlamentu Nasional Komisaun B.
5. Rekomenda ba Komandu Jeral PNTL hatur ordem forte ba PNTL uza kilat iha tempu serbisu ofisial no lori kilat iha tempu ne’ebé deit. Wainhira remata oras serbisu labele lori sai kilat.

Atu hatene klean liu kona-bá asuntu ne’e bele kontaktu
Nélson Belo,
Diretor Fundasaun Mahein
Tlp +670 737 4222

Fundasaun Mahein, 13 August 2012

Press Release

Management and Mismanagement of PNTL Weapons

Following the peaceful conclusion of the 2012 elections in Timor-Leste, it seems almost certain that international peacekeeping forces will leave Timor-Leste by December 2012 placing all responsibility for Timor-Leste’s community security in the hands of the PNTL.

Yet the recent alleged murder of student Armindo Pereira Alves by PNTL during two days of unrest this summer highlights an ongoing problem in our national police service: the PNTL has improved significantly since the crisis of 2006 and no longer suffers from extreme factionalism; however, it remains an institution that cannot adequately manage its most dangerous assets – its weapons.

Fundasaun Mahein (FM) has written many times about the use and abuse of weapons in Timor-Leste. While there appears to be general improvement in the avoidance of major abuse, such as with the distribution of PNTL weapons to civilians in 2006, there is an ongoing day-to-day mismanagement of police weapons throughout the country. For more information, please see previous FM reports.

The history of weapons mismanagement in the PNTL begins with its inception in 2001 and continues to this very day. Since 2001, there has been widespread mismanagement in handling of weapons. Many civilians have been shot and wounded or killed by on-duty and off-duty PNTL officers. There has also been a pattern of PNTL mismanagement in the tracking of weapons as many weapons that were lost before, during, and after the crisis of 2006 have yet to be recollected. Fundasaun Mahein (FM) has found that just between July 2008 and January 2011, the PNTL lost 26 9 mm Glock pistols. FM finds this type of incompetence, particularly after the crisis of 2006, very worrying.

The Timorese public still has no knowledge of the total number of missing weapons. As of late 2011/early 2012, Fundasaun Mahein (FM) had been quoted two different numbers for the total of missing PNTL weapons. While a PNTL memo dated 6 January 2011 stated that 47 weapons were missing, a joint PNTL-FFDTL workshop on 5 January 2012 stated that 52 weapons were still missing. Fundasaun Mahein (FM) is confused about which number to believe, as the audits have never been made fully public.

The evidence suggests that the PNTL cannot yet properly manage its weapons, and as a result, police officers are sometimes responsible for the shooting deaths and injuries of civilian citizens. While at some level of this type of incident is inevitable, Fundasuan Mahein (FM) believes the rate of such behavior in Timor-Leste is too high.

Furthermore, Fundasaun Mahein (FM) believes that while the weapons are owned by the State, the State belongs to its citizens and the citizens have a right to know what is happening with the weapons that are sometimes used to victimize them when they should be used to protect them.

The most obvious reasons for ongoing mismanagement of PNTL weapons lie in three categories, all of which are interrelated:

• Firstly, PNTL officers lack discipline both at the senior and junior levels in following both PNTL guidelines and Timorese laws.

• Secondly, the justice system often finds itself unable to properly enforce the law when it comes to prosecuting and convicting accused police officers.

• Thirdly, PNTL lacks physical armories for the large number of police stations around the country.

Fundasaun Mahein Recommends:

1. That the SES build armories in all locations where there are weapons.

2. That the SES withdraw all weapons in locations where there are no armories.

3. That once the actions above are done that PNTL officers suspected of weapons violations be immediately suspended indefinitely – until they are all are either dismissed for professional misconduct or cleared of all charges.

4. That the SES publish on an annual basis the details of all weapons violations and the status of those cases, as well as provide Committee B of the National Parliament with an independently verified audit of its weapons stocks.

5. That the Commander General of the PNTL apply the already-existing rule wherein PNTL officers only carry weapons while they are on-duty and never while they are off-duty.

For further information regarding this article please contact
Nélson Belo,
Director of Fundasaun Mahein
Tlp +670 737 4222

3 thoughts on “Maneja Ho Sala Maneja Kilat PNTL Iha Timor-Leste”

  1. Hau Le’e ona iha Artikel ne’ebe FM hakerek ne’e katak PNTL
    sempre halo lakon hela deit kilat iha timor neba, sim claru que
    SES tenki halo armajem ida-ida iha teritorio atu nune’e PNTL
    bele halao sira nia servisu tuir sira nia knaar nebe lor-loron sira
    halao ba.

    karik SES sei la halo armajem iha teritorio maka, Kilat sei lakon
    tan, wainhira problema oan ida mosu iha ita nia nasaun sira sei
    lori toman aat ida ne’e bele halo lakon tan kilat sira ne’e.

    PNTL sira ne’e halo lakon tan kilat sira ne’e atu halo tan saida iha
    nasaun laran, sira halo lakon kilat ne’e dala ruma PNTL sira nebe’e
    servisu la fo laran ba nasaun mak halo buat hanesan ne’e.
    hau husu ba siguransa sira tenki halao servisu tuir lei no ordem
    nebe’e oras ne’e dadaun vigora iha ita nia nasaun timor leste.

  2. Hau iha hanoin nebe hanesan ba rekomendasaun hirak iha leten. Maibe hau atu fo komentario ba rekomendasaun no 1,tanba hau nia hare atu harii armajem kilat kada postu Polisia dala ruma la gasta orsamento nebe ke boot i dala ruma bele renova deit fatin ou sala nebe iha tiha ona,tanba hare ba kuantidade kilat kada postu dala ruma ninian numero mos kiik. Ninia prinsipiu mak nee : armajem nee tengke seguru no tengke iha limitasaun ba asesu atu tama ba armajem nee.

  3. Tuir Ami povu Husu parte siguransa tengki manten nafatin posisaun hare didak armas nasaun nian keta halo lakon, tamba ida bele kria problema iha nasaun rasik , husu ba ministerio kompentensi tau matan didiak ba armas estadu se lae bele mosu komflitu iha ita nia rain rasik, hakarak apelo ba parte siguransa , detekta didiak kilat nebe lakon para nune bele hetan hotu kedan se lae araska oit-oan bele fo amiasa bo’ot ba povu sira no bele mos mosu pembunuh bayaran iha pa’is rasik, Husi Aba Costa

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