ONU Retira, Refujiadus Fila Mai Knúa

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Refujiadus 1999

Depois ONU nia referendum iha 1999 Timor oan sira brutalmente orbiga refuzia bá iha Indonezia. Durante tinan 12 nia laran Timor-oan sira ne’e seidauk senti Indonezia sai hanesan sira nia knúa. Husi total 250.000 refujiadus husi Timor bá Indonezia, iha estimasaun hamutuk 30.000 hakarak ona fila mai sira nia knúa iha Timor-Leste. Refujiadus Timor-oan sira ne’e fila husi Indonezia depois Nasaun Unidas retira iha tinan 2012 nia rohan.

Konstitusaun RDTL istipula ona ba Timor-oan sira ne’ebé hela iha rai liur mos sai sidadaun Timor-Leste, no tenki hetan tratamentu diak no hanesan sidadaun sira seluk iha Timor.

Perguntas bá publiku maka ne’e tanba-sa mak refujiadus sira ne’e fila mai knúa iha momentu ida ONU retira husi Timor?, no nusa mak governu la fasilita sira nia dezlokasaun bá sira mai Timor-Leste? Governu tenki hatene katak ONU ho IOM la halo kna’ar ona atu halo tratamentu bá refuziadus sira ne’e.

Iha biban boot bá eis refujiadus sira fila mai knú a Timor-Leste sei provoka ba siguransa nian. Tanba refujiadus sira ne’e ho Timor-oan sira iha rai laran sei iha desputa rai ho propriedades. Iha momentu ne’ebé sira fila mai rai ho proprierdade ne’e okupa ona husi Timor-oan sira seluk, biban boot bá depusta propriedades hirak ne’e. Ho problema ida ne’e iha mekanizmu ruma atu sira bele hetan fali sira nia rai ho properdades seluk?

Fundasaun Mahein (FM) mos sita katak entre refujiadus sira ne’ebé involve ih krime ki’ik no graves kontra humanidade. Komisaun Amizade entre Indonezia ho Timor-Leste (CTF TL-RI) ho tan Komisaun Akoilamentu Verdade e rekonsiliasaun (CAVR) rekomenda atu fo kompesasaun bá vitimas sira. Ba sira ne’ebé involve iha krime ki’ik iha ka mekanizmu hanesan Nahe Bite Boot? Iha biban hanesan FM mos nota katak ema sira ne’ebé atu fila mai knúa Timor-Leste mos hanesan vitima los tanba iha momentu 1999 iha persaun husi Milísia ho Militar Indonezia orbriga sira, husik sira nia knúa durante tempu Indonezia. FM husu bá Governu atu halo sosializasaun antes, atu la bele halo konfuzaun no provoka problema.

Iha biban ida ne’e mos problema sira seluk hanesan dadaun ne’e sidauk iha kampu servisu ne’ebe iha. Veteranu funu nain sira nia oan feto ka mane sira ne’ebé mos luta hela maka’as atu buka servisu, tanba edukasaun baziku ladun ajuda. Dadaun ne’e ladun iha servisu seguru ne’ebé barak atu fasil hetan bá sira ne’ebe ladun hatene lingua hanesan Portugez ho Inglesh. Husi refujiadus sira ne’ebé atu fila mai ne’e balun iha edukasaun ho matenek natoon atu halo kompetisaun diak no bele buka servisu lalais kompara ho veteranu funu nain sira nia oan. Karik ida ne’e akontese oinsa mak governu bele atende ida ne’e?

Fundasaun Mahein hakarak provoka debate kona-bá asuntu ida ne’e. Iha dadaun ne’e ONU dezloka sai husi Timor-Leste, no se mak sei halo monitorizasaun bá prosesu re-integrasaun bá komunidade iha Timor Leste? Karik iha provokasaun bá siguransa nian, oinsa mak governu sei responde?

FM rekomenda bá instituisaun hanesan Provedoria Diretus Humanus, Parlamentu Nasional, Sosiadade sivill, masyarakat sipil, no media atu halo monitorizasaun iha momentu prosesu refujiadus fila mai knúa Timor-Leste.

FM husu bá governu atu kria team integradu ida inter-ministerial atu bele responde lalais ho rigrozu bá asuntu ne’e. Governu tenki halo identifikasaun familias hirak mak atu fila hikas mai Timor-Leste no bá distritus sira ne’ebé mak refujiadus sira ne’e atu destina bá. Governu tenki involve autoridade lokal sira atu sosializa prosesu re-integrasaun bá komunidade iha knúa sira ne’ebé ema sira ne’e sei destina bá.

Ida ne’e intersante tebes atu hare’e oinsa governu Indonezia ho Timor-Leste halo kordenasaun no fasilita prosesu refujiadus fila mai Timor-Leste.

UN Departure and Refugee Homecoming

There are Timorese who brutally refuge to Indonesia after the UN Referendum in 1999. Even after 12 years, the Timorese refugees still do not consider Indonesia as their home. There are 250,000 Timorese living in Indonesia, of whom 30,000 have expressed a desire to come home to Timor-Leste. These Timorese refugees from Indonesia are returning home now after the UN departure at the end of 2012.

RDTL’s constitution stipulates that these returning Timorese are also Timorese citizens and need to receive the same treatment as other citizens.

Why are they only now returning when the UN mandate is at an end? And why does neither government facilitate the move of the returnees? The government needs to be aware that the UN and IOM are no longer here to deal with issues like refugees.

As these refugees return there will provoke security issues. The returning Timorese and everybody in Timorese society will be dealing with land and property problems. While these Timorese were gone their homes and lands may have been occupied by other Timorese. Is there any way or any mechanisms for them to get these lands back?

Fundasaun Mahein (FM) would like to note that among these refugees are Timorese who committed major and minor crimes against humanities. Both the Truth and Friendship Commission of Timor-Leste — Indonesia and the CAVR Commissions recommend some compensation to the victims. For those who committed minor crimes, what is the NaheBiti Boot mechanism? At the same time, FM would like to note that some of these people did not commit any crimes at all and were actually victims, forced to leave their hometowns, during the Indonesian occupation. All these steps for socialization should be clear because otherwise the confusion will provoke problems.

There are also problems stemming from the availability of jobs. There are sons and daughters of veterans who are struggling to find jobs because their level of education is very low. There are not many secure jobs available in Timor-Leste for people who cannot speak Portuguese or English. At the same time, some of the returnees will have received good education and developed good skills, and may find jobs more easily than the veteran’s sons or daughters. If this happens, and provokes a problem, how will the government deal with this?

Fundasaun Mahein would like to provoke some discussion on this topic. Now that the UN has left, who is going to monitor the process of reintegration by returning Timorese into Timorese community? If the returnees provoke a security situation, what sort of response does the government have planned?

FM recommends to the institutions like Provodorde DereitusHumanus, the committees in the Parliament, Civil Society, and media to keep monitoring if the process of returning begins to gain momentum.

FM would also like to ask the government to form an integrated team from multiple ministries to deal with this immediately. The government needs to identify how many families in which districts will be impacted by the returnees. The government needs to provide alternative security in these districts. The government also needs to involve the local leaders in these impacted communities to successfully socialize and reintegrate the returnees with the local people.

It will be really interesting to see how the two governments Indonesia and Timor-Leste will coordinate and facilitate the movement of these displaced Timorese back to Timor-Leste.

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