Selebrasaun 12 Novembru 2015: “Husik Pasadu no Luta ba Timor-Leste Foun”

Selebrasaun 12 Novembru 2015:  “Husik Pasadu no Luta ba Timor-Leste Foun” post thumbnail image
(Foto: Internet)

(Foto: Internet)

Depois Timor-Leste hetan independensia, Governu tinan-tinan halo selebrasaun ba loron 12 Novembru nu’udar loron importante ba luta juventude loriku aswain nian. Loron 12 Novembru 1991, tinan 24 liu ba juventude rihun ba rihun lakon vida iha tragedia moruk ho naran “Tragedia 12 Santa Cruz 1991”. Tragedia ida ne’e, tragedia ne’ebé fo lembrasa moruk iha prosesu luta povu maubere ba ukun rasik-an.

Liu dekade ona, Governu fakar osan hodi komemora loron isotoriku ida ne’e. Ho sentidu fo valor ba juventude loriku aswain nian kontribuisaun luta ba libertasaun nasional.
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Nomos sai nu’udar loron reflesaun ida ba timor-oan tomak (juventude) atu husik pasadu hodi hateke ba oin, hari’i paz no estabilidade iha Timor-Leste foun. Povu Timor-Leste apresia no agradese ba esforsu Governu hodi kontinua valoriza loron istoriku 12 Novembru 1991 nian.

Maibe, tuir Fundasaun Mahein (FM) nia hanoin katak Governu presiza hadia mekanizmu komemorasaun ne’ebé durante ne’e identiku loron triste. Hanesan halo expozisaun fotografia saudozu husi familia sira ne’ebé mate iha masakre Santa Cruz 1991 nian. Situasaun sira ne’e, kontinua halo familia saudozu no juventude sira seluk labele kore-an husi korente tristeza pasadu nian.

Ho ida, presiza define oinsa Governu dignifika komemorasaun loron 12 Novembru 2015, iha kontestu ukun-an nian. Katak, selebrasaun 12 Novembru atu hafini juventude foun ho espíritu foun, iha nasaun foun hodi hari’i Timor-Leste ne’ebé foun mos. Komemorasaun ne’ebé la’ós nakonu ho sentimentu triste, tempu triste liu ona, tempu dadaun oinsa familia matebian no juventude loriku aswain sira atu hamutuk hodi luta ba prosperiadade povu Timor-Leste nian.
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Governu presiza fakar osan (investe) hodi dezenvolve rekursu umanu juventude nian iha seitor hotu-hotu. Ho nune’e juventude bele iha kapasidade hodi kontribui ba prosesu dezenvolvimentu nasional. Presiza fakar osan barak iha formasaun formal no naun formal ne’ebé kualidade ba juventude sira iha futuru. Tanba, tuir FM katak investimentu ne’ebé kualifikadu sei produz juventude ne’ebé kualidade no displina hodi kontribui ba prosesu dezenvolvimentu nasional, hari’i paz no estabilidade nasional.

Tanba realidade agora, maioria juventude kontinua ladauk hetan atensaun husi Governu, maske juventude hirak ne’e maka nu’udar autor prinsipal ba dezenvolvimentu nasional iha futuru.
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Juventude barak kontinua la asesu ba edukasaun formal no non-formal tanba laiha osan, juventude barak kontinua la hetan kampu traballu to’o ohin loron. Situasaun hirak ne’e habiban juventude barak involve iha asaun krime hanesan droga no konfrontu sira ne’ebé fo ameasa ba estabilidade nasional, nomos hamihis valor Masakre Santa Cruz 1991 nian. Espera katak komemorasaun 12 Novembru 2015 tinan ida ne’e sei sai nu’udar reflesaun ida klean ba timor-oan (juventude) hodi husik tristeza pasadu no luta ba Timor-Leste foun ho esperansa foun.

Celebration of 12 November 2015: “Let Go of the Past and Fight for a New Timor-Leste”

Since Timor-Leste achieved independence, the government has annually commemorated the 12 November tragedy as an important day of the youth struggle in the resistance (Joventude Loriku Aswain). 12 November 1991 marks the day, 24 years ago, when thousands of Timorese youth were murdered in a tragedy called “Tragedia 12 Novembru Santa Cruz 1991”. This tragedy reminds us of the long process of the people’s (maubere) struggle for independence.

For more than two decades, the government has funded the commemorations for this historical day with the intent to valorize the youths (Loriku Aswain) contribution to the fight for national liberty. This day is considered a day of reflection for Timorese people, and particularly for youths, in order to remember the past and focus on the future by creating peace and stability in this new nation. The people of Timor-Leste appreciate and are thankful for the government’s efforts in continuing to commemorate this the 12th of November, 1991.

However, Fundasaun Mahein believes that the government needs to improve its mechanisms of commemoration that thus far have been synonymous with a day of mourning, including such practices as organizing exposition photos of the late dead in massacres or in the tragedy of Santa-Cruz in 1991. This practice of commemoration will only continue to force the families of the late victims, and of other youths, to dwell with their memories of the past.

The Government needs to define how it dignifies the commemoration on 12 November within the context of independence—specifically, how it present 12 November as a celebration of new generations of youth with new spirits in this new nation, and how they will continue to build a new Timor-Leste. The Government needs to establish a commemoration that is not defined by sad expressions, because the time has come to celebrate for the families of the victims, and the youths, and the people of Timor-Leste continue to come together to fight for the people’s prosperity in this nation.

The Government needs to invest in the development of youth human resources in all sectors so that youths will able to contribute to the ongoing process of national development. It needs to invest in formal and non-formal areas in the quality of youth in the future, because, in FM’s view, such investment will produce youth well-learned, disciplined, and able to contribute to the national development process, creating peace and stability in Timor-Leste.

The reality today is that a majority of youths still do not receive attention from the government, despite the fact that the country’s youth today will be the principal authors of the national development process for the country’s future. The youth do not yet have access to formal and non-formal education, as there is no funding from the government for such ventures, and many of them remain unemployed because there is very little job creation ongoing in Timor-Leste. These factors give rise to the chances that youths will become involved in crime, such as the drug trade and confrontations which may threaten national stability and undermines the societal value of the 1991 Santa Cruz Massacre. It is FM’s hope that the commemoration of 12 November 2015 will become a day of reflection for Timorese youth to move past the tragedy of our losses and fight with new expectations for a new Timor-Leste.

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