Sirkuntansia Ne’ebé FALINTIL-FDTL Bele Iha Papel Ba Eleisaun 2012 Iha Lidun Seguransa tuir Lei Eleisaun nian

Sirkuntansia Ne’ebé FALINTIL-FDTL Bele Iha Papel  Ba  Eleisaun 2012 Iha Lidun Seguransa tuir Lei Eleisaun nian post thumbnail image

FALINTIL-Forsa Defeza Timor-Leste (F-FDTL) hala'o parade militar

Mahein Nia Lian No. 30 (Versaun Tetun.pdf) halo diskusaun klean konaba situasaun apropriadu ba FALINTIL-FDTL nia papel iha Eleisaun Jeral 2012 iha kontestu Siguransa tuir leis Eleisaun nian. Iha tinan ida ne’e, Timor-Leste selebra festa demokrasia boot rua mak hanesan eleisaun prezidensial no parlamentar.

Relasiona ho eleisaun prezidensial no parlamentar ne’ebe refere, Fundasaun Mahein (FM) liu husi relatoriu ba dala 30 koalia klean konaba sirkuntansia ne’ebé fo biban ba Falintil-Forsa Defeza Timor-Leste (F-FDTL) atu fo ajudasaun ba Polisia Nasional Timor-Leste (PNTL) iha parte siguransa durante periodu eleisaun prezidensial no parlamentar nian.

Liu husi relatoriu ne’e, Fundasaun Mahein kestiaona prezensa forsa siguransa iha sentru votasaun tuir regulamentu 04/STAE/X/2011 konaba prosedimentu bá votasaun, kontajen bá votu nian no apuramentu bá rezultadu eleisaun prezidensial no eleisaun parlamentar. Maibe, FM duvida ho kontiudu regulamentu 04/STAE/X/2011 artigu 16 alinea e) ne’ebé husu prezensa forsa siguransa tanba la iha justifikasaun ne’ebé klaru kona-bá prezensa forsa siguransa nian hanesan F-FDTL ka PNTL.

Nune’e mos, FM koalia klean konaba prezensa F-FDTL hodi fo apoiu bá PNTL ne’ebe la iha akordu formal ruma maske bazeia bá lei siguransa nasionál no siguransa interna ne’ebé fo biban bá F-FDTL atu halo intervensaun wainhira iha kazu esepsional ruma bele husu prezensa F-FDTL, la signifika F-FDTL hadau PNTL nia poder tuir konstituisaun haruka. Maibe tuir Fundasaun Mahein (FM) hare’e katak iha indikasaun F-FDTL bele foti PNTL nia papel iha ámbitu siguransa interna nian, tanba la iha diretiva ruma ne’ebé konstitui F-FDTL nia papel iha eleisaun prezidensial no parlamentar husi Ministeriu Defeza no Siguransa.

Liu husi relatoriu ne’e, FM mos preoukuopa ba la iha justifikasaun kona-bá koordenasaun ho F-FDTL bá aranzamentu siguransa atu asegura material sensitivu bá armazen STAE, karik iha situasaun saida mak F-FDTL bele marka prezensa, tanba laiha esplikasaun ne’ebe klaru iha lei Planu operasional ba eleisaun prezidensial no parlamentar tinan 2012 iha parte VI númeru 2.

Ho hanoin hirak iha leten, Fundasaun Mahein konklui katak;

1). Rekomenda ba Ministeriu Defeza no Siguransa, pratikamente Sekretariu Estadu Defeza presiza hare’e hikas knáar F-FDTL nian iha ambitu intervensaun F-FDTL iha Siguransa interna nian.

2). Husu ba Sekretariu Estadu Defeza koordena ho STAE kona-bá koordenasaun nian bá planu operasional antes loron votasaun, durante votasaun, no hafoin votasaun.

3). FM rekomenda mos ba STAE presiza hare’e hikas lei no regulamentu sira ne’ebé fo biban bá F-FDTL halo nia intervensaun hodi nune’e antisipa aktu sira ne’ebé la’os F-FDTL nian responsabilidade, maske lei ne’e iha ona implementasaun maibé presiza hare’e hikas iha eleisaun tuir mai.

4). STAE tenki hare hikas Regulamentu Nú. 04/STAE/X/2011 artigu 16 alinea e) no f), ne’ebé justifika lolos intervensaun F-FDTL nian iha sentru votasaun, loloos karik F-FDTL ka PNTL.

5). Ikus liu, FM rekomenda ba STAE tenki justifika lolos knáar F-FDTL nian bá F-FDTL ne’ebé iha Regulamentu Nú. 04/STAE/X/2011 artigu 59 númeru 1) no artigu 60 númeru 1) hatur knáar F-FDTL no PNTL ne’ebé la iha diferente nu’udár konstitui husi artgiu 56 Regulamentu Nú. 04/STAE/X/2011.

Atu hatene klean liu konaba asuntu ne’e bele kontaktu
Nélson Belo,
Diretor Fundasaun Mahein
Email: ,
Tlp +670 737 4222

Fundasaun Mahein’s, 24 February 2012

Press Release

Circumstances allowing the F-FDTL a security role in the 2012 General Election as per the Election Law

Mahein’s Voice No 30 is a discussion on the appropriate role for the F-FDTL in the 2012 general election. This year Timor-Leste will celebrate the democratic festivals that will take place with the Presidential and Parliamentary elections. As such Mahein’s Voice No 30 is an in depth report on the appropriate circumstances for the F-FDTL to assist the PolisiaNasional Timor-Leste (PNTL) during the referred Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

In this report FundasaunMahein questions the presence of the security forces at the polling centers in accordance with regulation 04/STAE/X/2011 on the voting process, vote count andmeasurementof the Presidential and Parliamentary election results.This issue is raised by FM becausearticle 6 paragraphs e) of Regulation 04/STAE/X/2011, which outlined the need for security force presence at polling centers, did not provide a clear justification as to the need for the F-FDTL or PNTL presence at these polling centers.

Even though the presence of F-FDTL is authorized by the national security and internal laws, which outlines F-FDTL assistance under special circumstances, no formal accord has been created to facilitate this cooperation. Even though the presence of the F-FDTL may not be interpreted as taking away the power of the PNTL, as prescribed by the Constitution, FM is concerned that this may lead to the F-FDTLtaking over the function of the PNTL in the ambit of internal security. This confusion, as to the roles of the two institutions, is further complicated by the fact that there is currently no directive from the Ministry of Defence and Security outlining the function of the F-FDTL in the Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

FM would also like highlight a concern regarding the coordinated arrangements that facilitates F-FDTL presence in order to secure sensitive material held by STAE. The concern here is that the Operational Plan Law for Presidential and Parliamentary Elections Year 2012, Part VI number 2, does not provide any clear explanation as to when the presence of the F-FDTL would be needed.

Accordingly FM recommends that;

1. The Ministry of Security and Defence, through the Secretary of State for Defence, assess the competence of F-FDTL in the realm of internal security;

2. The Secretary of State for Defence coordinates with STAE on operational plan that cover pre-polling, during polling and after polling;

3. STAE review the relevant laws and regulations that govern the assistance of the F-FDTL so as to anticipate certain acts that do not fall within the responsibility of the F-FDTL;

4. STAE review Regulation No 04/STAE/X/2011 articel 16 paragraph e) and f) which justifies the assistance of F-FDTL at polling centres

5. STAE clearly outline the competence of the F-FDTL to the F-FDTL, in accordance with Regulation No 04/STAE/X/2011 article 59 paraggraph 1) and article 60 paragraphs 1), so as to clearly define the roles between F-FDTL and PNTL that may appear similar.

For further information on this report please contact

Nelson Belo,
Director of FundasaunMahein
Email: ,
Tlp +670 737 4222

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