To Empower Conflict Prevention or Conflict Response to Combat Conflict?

To Empower Conflict Prevention or Conflict Response to Combat Conflict? post thumbnail image

Fundasaun Mahein, 11 April 2013

PRESS RELEASE To Empower Conflict Prevention or Conflict Response to Combat Conflict? Mahein’s Voice Report No. 47 will discuss the incidents that occurred in East Timor without an ongoing prevention plan to reduce conflict. In this report, FM will call attention to certain incidents in 2013 that resulted the lost lives of Timorese community members – such as the murder of Jose Ribeiro in Aitarak-laran (member of the Maubere security company), the murder of Antonia Barreto in Kintal-kiik, and the murder of wife Rita Soares by her husband in Comoro.

The report also raises the question of whether to empower conflict prevention or to empower conflict response in order to combat conflict? The report discusses constructive methods for violence prevention, which – even if not elaborated upon in great detail – could help the government design plans for future conflict prevention. The report also includes a discussion on the impact of alcohol and electricity outages in increasing the number of conflicts in Dili. FM recommends that the government legalize and localize the alcohol and establish 24-hour electricity in order to help the PNTL’s nighttime operation.

Crimes also occurred because of the land dispute and Martial Arts. FM recommends that the government create land laws in order to clearly define land ownership and make use of existing, competent institutions to develop this channel for prevention conflict Similarly solid laws should be created to address the issue of Martial Arts.

Finally, the report mention some alternate considerations for preventing conflict, like ways to reduce unemployment so that young people can avoid involvement in conflict. Another important issue is the contribution of family in conflict prevention. According to FM, the family is the root of peace and stability in the country of Timor-Leste. Family peace will be reflected in societal peace, and will contribute to national stability. The contribution of family to the PNTL’s services will be a solution to combat crime. Meanwhile, for its part, the PNTL must establish community police stations and increase the number of human resources

Recommendations: • Recommend to the PNTL to conduct community patrols 24 hours a day, with the condition that the Secretary of State for Security consider providing adequate wages and good facilities for PNTL employees.

  1. Recommend to the Government, through the Secretary of State of Electricity, to set up electricity in all streets in order to guarantee human security during nighttime travel.
  2. Recommend to the Secretary of State for Security to establish the police station with good quality facilities in the community. In particular, to increase the number of radios for PNTL use.
  3. Recommend to the Secretary of State for Security to increase the quantity and quality of PNTL officers in order to conduct professional work in conflict prevention.
  4. Recommend to the Government to legalize, localize, and regulate the consumption of alcohol in order to help PNTL to control the conflict caused by alcohol.

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