Atuasaun ho Kilat: PNTL Hakat Liu Prosedura Legal

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Atuasaun PNTL

Atuasaun PNTL

Monitorizasaun Fundasaun Mahein kona-bá Polisia nia atuasaun sira durante ne’e indika katak sempre halo ema kanek no mate. Kazu hirak ne’e akontese dala barak ona no sai diskusaun públiku, komunidade sira kestiona bei-beik kona-bá profesionalizmu tanba dala barak atuasaun la tuir prosedimentu legal. Hanesan regraras Standar Operasaun Prosedur (SOP) no politika uza forsa. Hahalok PNTL refere nu’udar kauza ida hodi hami’is konfiansa povu ba ba instituisaun siguransa iha Timor-Leste.

Kazu konkretu maka hanesan membru PNTL eskuadra Atabae ne’ebé tiru mate joven ida ho naran Leão nu’udar ema bulak/moras mental iha loron 3 Fulan Janeiru 2014 tanba ta’a ema depois halai ses husi fatin akontesementu kuaze metro 200 resin. Nune’e mos membru PNTL iha eskuadra Maliana ne’ebé karega pistola hodi ameasa komunidade iha loron 31 fulan Dezembru 2013 tanba deit haksesuk malu kona-bá atu labele hakat liu liña (garis) kampu tebe-bola durante seremonia joga kompetisaun. Husi kazu hirak ne’e hatudu katak membru PNTL barak maka durante ne’e atua problema la tuir Standar Operational Procedure (SOP) no polítika uza forsa. Hanesan kazu Delta-Nova, kazu Hera, kazu tiru mate Afonso Kudalai no kazu sira seluk tan.

Wainhira ita liga ba kazu tiru mate ema hatudu katak membru PNTL viola ona regra SOP no PLAN. Katak, suspeitu ida ne’ebé halo krimi no ses ona husi fatin akontesementu tuir lolos polisia tenta uluk halo kapturasaun, investigasaun no detensaun hodi tuir prosesu kontinuasaun tuir lei, la’os uza forsa diretamente no tiru iha fatin. Maibe realidade atuasaun Polisia la proporsional ho kondisaun suspeitu ne’ebé momentu ne’e halai la uza kroat no fo ameasa ba vida membru PNTL.

Signifika katak wainhira halo atuasaun ba krime tenki bazeia ba SOP no regra kona-bá politika uza forsa ne’ebé tuir ninia eskalasaun ho naran PLAN (Proporsional, Legalidade, Akuntabilidade no Nesesidade). Katak, wainhira membru PNTL halo atuasaun ba kualker problema labele uza forsa diretamente maibe presiza meus ne’ebé nesesariu ba situasaun, la kontra lei. Atuasaun Polisia tenki proporsional katak uza forsa wainhira vida ameasadu no nesesita duni atu uza forsa tanba laiha ona meus seluk atu halo atuasaun hasoru suspeitu ka aktu violensia ruma. Nune’e mos tenki bazeia ba legalidade no akuntabilidade katak uza forsa hodi tiru mate suspeitu tanba atu salva ema seluk nia vida.

Parte seluk, atuasaun no kapturasaun salah membru PNTL husi Eskuadra Lacluta, Distritu Viqueque hasoru komunidade na’in Ualu iha loron 16 Fulan Dezembru 2013 ne’e mos ses husi regras. Ida ne’e akontese tanba prosesu kapturasaun ne’ebé membru PNTL halo dala-ruma la tuir faktus maibe bazeia ba odiu ka problema pesoal.

Tuir Monitorizasaun Fundasaun Mahein durante 2013 nia rohan no insiu 2014 deskobre katak dala barak ona atuasaun membru PNTL iha terenu ses husi SOP no PLAN. Fundasaun Mahein – FM rekomenda ba instituisaun PNTL presiza serbisu tuir SOP no PLAN wainhira halo atuasaun ruma iha terenu. Ho nune’e maka esperansa ba Profesionalizmu PNTL bele sai realidade.

PNTL Legal Procedure Violations

Fundasaun Mahein’s monitoring of the National Police of Timor-Leste (PNTL) has indicated the PNTL is responsible for numerous cases of injury or death to Timorese citizens. Cases where Timorese citizens fall victim to PNTL actions are not uncommon and have often been the case for public debate. In particular, the professionalism of the PNTL has come under scrutiny as their actions are not always in line with legal procedure as outlined in the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). The unlawful acts perpetrated by the PNTL have a devastating effect not only on the public’s perception of the PNTL but also on all the security sector institutions operating in Timor-Leste.

There have been two high-profile and confirmed cases of unlawful acts committed by PNTL officers. On 3rd January 2014, a PNTL officer from the Atabae police station killed a young man about 200 meters from the crime scene of a murder the young man had committed and was trying to escape from. On 31st December 2013, a PNTL officer stationed in Maliana threatened a crowd of people with his pistol because they were stepping over a football field line which spectators are forbidden to pass.

The cases mentioned above indicate that many PNTL officers are not fulfilling their duties in line with SOP regulations.

If cases of police misconduct are linked, they point to a larger pattern of PNTL officers violating SOP and PLAN rules. Instead of immediately responding with force, which in one case led to the fatal shooting of a suspect, officers should first arrest and detain suspects involved with a crime so that further investigation may be conducted and the proper legal channels may be followed. In the case of the 3 January 2014 fatal shooting incident, the officer who shot the suspect had no justification for doing so as the suspect had no weapon on him at the time.

FM suggests that when police deal with criminals, they must obey the SOP regulations, which are based on the PLAN spectrum: Proportional, Legal, Accountable, Necessary.
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There are some important points that must be considered by PNTL officers. When the PNTL officers respond to problems they should not use force immediately, but should instead respond in a professional manner to resolve the conflict or situation with as little force necessary, strictly adhering to legal guidelines in the process. Furthermore, police should act proportionally to the situation they are in, meaning that they should be authorized to use force only if they are in a situation in which their life is in immediate danger. Finally, all PNTL actions must be based on legality and accountability, which means that officers cannot use force without justification, but are authorized to use deadly force only in certain situations (such as to save the life of an innocent person).

Furthermore, the unauthorized detainment of 8 people by a PNTL officer from the Lacluta police station in Viqueque district, on 16 December 2013, is another example of protocol violation by the PNTL. This incident resulted from the fact that the detention process used by PNTL officers is sometimes not based on facts but rather on personal biases.
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FM’s monitoring, particularly towards the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 has unveiled that PNTL actions in the field often are not based on SOP and PLAN protocol.

FM recommends that the PNTL align their field actions with SOP and PLAN guidelines so that the dream of a professional and trusted police force can become a reality in Timor-Leste.
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