Problems with PNTL Uniform Quality

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Fundasaun Mahein, 31 January 2014

Press Release

Problems with PNTL Uniform Quality

Mahein’s Voice report No. 68 analyzes the problematic purchase of low quality uniforms for the PNTL. What is the public supposed to think when they observe PNTL officers wearing boots or uniforms that are different from the ones supplied and bought by the state? Why should the PNTL use different boots from other security forces such as the F-FDTL? FM hopes to answer these questions in this report! This issue is so important because the PNTL and the military using these uniforms are representing the state’s institutions and by extension the dignity of the nation; if the uniforms worn by our security forces are an embarrassment it will reflect poorly on our nation.

This report provides an explanation of how the PNTL provision team must take many factors into consideration for the procurement of uniforms, such as the quality of cloth, measurements for individual officers, colors, and durability (as some uniforms become easily worn out and tarnished after a certain number of washings). This report also provides a voice for multitude of PNTL officers who are displeased with the quality of the uniforms provided to them by the state; many officers have protested for the government to purchase the same boots as the National Military of Indonesia and the Republic Police of Indonesia, as well as the purchase of jeans which some PNTL members purchase with their own money from the market.

This report questions and makes recommendations for revisions to the Ministry’s policy of uniform procurement. In addition, the report urges State Institutions, such as the Commission for ANTI Corruption (CAC), the Secretary of State for Security (SES) and the PNTL General Command to investigate shortcomings in policy.

This report also discusses the involvement of private companies in purchasing these uniforms. Their quality has become a major concern for the commanders of the SES and PNTL as well as the public. Finally, Fundasaun Mahein provides policy recommendations in this report to make the procurement of PNTL uniforms more effective and successful.

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