Salvasaun Siguransa Públiku: Lori Kareta Iha Tempu Kalan Tenki Halo Lakan Lampu

Salvasaun Siguransa Públiku: Lori Kareta Iha Tempu Kalan Tenki Halo Lakan Lampu post thumbnail image

Fundasaun Mahein (FM) foin dadaun ne’e simu keixa husi komunidade barak katak ema barak mak iha problema tanba lori kareta iha tempu kalan la halo lakan lampu. Ema lori kareta ho lampu laiha ne’e iha biban boot bele soke ema ne’ebé lori motor. Ema barak mak la’o ain iha tempu kalan mos iha biban barak bele soke ema sira ne’e tanba lampu kareta ka motor la lakan. Tan ne’e maka lori kareta iha tempu kalan lampu laiha ne’e perigozu liu bá ema nia siguransa moris nian.

Laiha biban ne’ebé diak tanba karik ema sira ne’ebé lori viklu sira la’o iha estrada boot lampu laiha. Ho ida ne’e susar tebes atu hare’e buat ruma atravesa, tanba dalan nakukun no kondotur sira uza deit hanoin hodi dulas volante tuir nakukun ne’ebé iha. Iha tempu ne’ebé hahu rai kalan no sasan sira hare’e iha dalan mos sai nakukun inklui ema sira ne’ebé la’o iha dalan sira ne’e. Ho sirkunstansia sira ne’e mak iha biban boot bele soke ema ka animal ou kareta seluk sira iha dalan, ne’e biban ida.

Iha biban seluk kondotor ho kareta seluk mos hare’e ita boot sira ho kareta la uza lampu. Tan ne’e mak kareta ho motor ne’ebé sirkula tun sa’e iha estrada boot sira tenki hare’e malu iha tempu kalan. Regra halo lampu lakan ne’e importante no ne’e aplika bá sira ne’ebé uza motor la’o iha tempu kalan. Tanba ema sei hare’e deit kareta wainhira lampu lakan no iha biban sira bele ses kuandu kareta mosu iha sira nia oin.

Tanba sa mak ema sira ne’ebé lori kareta iha sidade boot sira ne’e ho lampu mate? To agora sidauk iha esplikasaun klaru ho diak. Fundasaun Mahein (FM) nota katak lauza lampu ne’e sei labele sama asaleirador iha imi nia viklu maka’as, tanba lampu viklu nia laiha ligasaun ho gas, tanba ne’e mak tenki la’o dalan uza lampu tanba se la uza ne’e perigozu liu bá ema seluk nia vida moris la’o iha estrada.

FM fiar katak ema barak mak gosta viajen ho kareta iha tempu kalan. Ne’e katak viajen kalan senti seguru liu iha Timor-Leste, iha biban ne’ebé institusaun siguransa sei halo funsionamentu diak, nune’e mos iha biban ONU dada-an husi Timor-Leste. Dalan sira ne’ebé kaber los sei uza bá tempu kalan, tan ne’e mak povu Timor-Leste kontenti bá sira nia dezemvolvementu iha sira nia nasaun. Ho ida ne’e fo biban bá ema barak atu halo viajen ho kareta iha tempu kalan. No, ita tenki desiplina an uza kareta iah tempu kalan atu hases husi asidente iha kalan.

FM Rekomenda, regara halakn lampu viklu nian ne’e importante no reigorozu liu uza helem atu susesu bá iha viagem to fatin destinasaun ho seguru. FM fiar katak lampu la’o iha kalan ne’e importante mos hanesan helem bá siguransa la’o iha dalan boot. Lei uza lampu nian tenki aplika iha momentu rai hahu nakukun tanba iha biban sira nakukun ne’e mak asidente fasil akontense tanba la hare hetan dalan no objeitu sira ne’ebé iha dalan sira ne’ebé ita atu liu bá.

Fundasaun Mahein mos rekomenda ba viklus sira ne’ebé mak lampu át tenki hadia lalais. FM mos nota no lista hela katak dala ruma mos viklu balun lampu sori át no uza lampu sorin deit. Iha kondisaun hanesan ne’e halo konfuzaun boot no perigozu liu halo viajem iha kalan, bá biban ne’ebé hasoru malu ho kareta ruma ka motor ruma hanoin katak motor no bele. choke iha kareta sorin. Tan ne’e mak lampu hotu-hotu tenki lakan iha kondisaun ida ne’ebe diak wainhira halo viagem iha tempu kalan.

Ema sei lahare buat ida ho normal ho diak iha tempu kalan hanesan iha tempuloron. Tamba ne’e mak, ema hotu-hotu tenku kuidadu liu no tenki uza lampu lakan. Ema hotu-hotu tenki halo lakan sira nia lampu. Ho nune’e deit mak Timor-Leste sei fatin seguru liu ba seguransa nian kuando halo viagem iha tempu kalan.

Public Safety Issue: Nighttime Drivers Must Turn on Their Lights

Fundasaun Mahein (FM) has recently received reports of many people having problems with drivers not turning on their lights at night. People driving cars with lights have nearly crashed into motorbikes without lights. People walking at night have also had close calls with cars and motorbikes driving without their lights on. Driving at night without headlights is extremely dangerous and should not happen. People should always drive at night with their headlights turned on.

It is difficult to drive at night when you do not turn on you headlights. It becomes hard to see things in front of you. Your eyes adjust a little bit to the dark, but cannot see everything when the sky becomes dark and objects become shadowy. You can easily crash into an animal, a person, or another vehicle.
It is also difficult for other drivers to see you when you do not turn on your lights. Cars and motorbikes need to see each other at night. This is particularly true if you drive a motorbike because motorbikes are smaller and it is easy to miss motorbikes at night. Some people will only see a light-less vehicle once they have crashed into it.

Why are people driving at night with their lights off? There seems to be no good explanation. Fundasaun Mahein (FM) would like to note that not using the headlight will not make your gas last longer. Your headlight has nothing to do with gas. Not using it does, however, make driving more dangerous for everybody on the road.

FM believes that it is wonderful that more people are driving later at night. This means that people feel safer at night in Timor-Leste, and that the security institutions are functioning even after the UN withdrawal. The roads are smooth enough to use at night. So the Timorese people should be happy about the country’s development. This also means, however, that more and more people will begin driving at night. We must discipline our nighttime driving now, before night accidentsbecome more and more common.

FM recommends that the nighttime headlight law be as strictly enforced as the successful helmet law. FM believes that headlights are just as important to safety as helmets. The headlight law should be enforced as soon as it begins to get dark because that is when it begins to become hard to see, and visibility only gets worse from that point on.

Fundasaun Mahein also recommends that if your headlights are broken, both should be fixed. FM has noted that sometimes cars on the road only have working lights on one side. This situation can be particularly confusing and dangerous because night-time drivers can mistake this car for a motorbike and speed up to pass them on the light-less side, only to find themselves hitting the side of a truck. All lights should be in working condition and all lights should be used at night.

People do not see as well at night as they do during the day. Therefore, people must be more careful when driving at night. People should turn on their lights. People should drive slower even with their lights on. With these steps Timor-Leste can become safer at night.

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