MAHEIN NIA LIAN No. 8: Komunikadu da Imprenza, Disputa Rai ho Estabilidade Nasional Iha Timor-Leste (Tetun)

Fundasaun Mahein, 14 Julhu 2010

Komunikadu da Imprenza

Disputa Rai ho Estabilidade Nasional Iha Timor-Leste

Fundasaun Mahein (FM) Nia Lian numero 8 ne’e sei hatuir konaba problema rai iha Timor-Leste, ne’ebe kobre rai boot, ilha ne’ebe pretense ba Timor, rai ketan/fronteira ne’ebe fahe husi nasaun sira ne’ebe mai halo invasaun iha Ilha Timor, i mos halo deskusaun kle’an konaba problema ne’ebe akontense iha tempu Portuguese, i mos problema rai konaba tempu Indonezia no durante tempu 1999 ne’e sorin ida. Sorin seluk, relatoriu ne’e esplika deitalu liu konaba kompleksidade problema rai, nune’e mos liga ba rai no dezemvolvementu, rai no estabilidade, hametin dereitu ba rai no ikus liu hakotu ho konklusaun ho opsaun rekomendasaun konaba rai iha Timor-Leste.

Hadau malu rai nebe akuntese iha tempu Portugal no Indonezia hetok sai komplikadu liu tan ho violensia nebe akuntese iha fulan Setembru 1999. Violensia nebe akuntese depois tinan 1999 maka’as liu hodi haforsa ema barak atu sai husi sira nia rai, dokumentus rai barak mak hetan estraga.  Konsekuensia husi destroisaun nebe militar, polisia no milisia pro Indonezia halao hodi harahun uma hotu pro independensia sira nian.

Iha relatoriu edisaun ida ne’e FM fo sai katak durante tinan 450 resin Portugal ukun rai Timor fo sai deit sertifikadus 2.709. serfikadus sira ne’e barak liu fo ba ema sira nebe besik liu Portugal hanesan liurai sira. Iha parete seluk mos FM fo sai ba publiku durante okupasaun Indonezia nia 24 anus iha Timor fo sertifikadus barak liu fali Portugal. Indonezia hasai sertifikadus hamutuk 44091 ba Timor oan sira ne’ebe besik liu ho Indonezia i lafo sertifikadu ba ema sira ne’ebe pro-independensia.

Komplesksidade problema rai refere kontinua hamosu prekupasaun bo’ot.  Hadau malu rai kontinua akuntese. Seguransa ba rai oituan de’it no ema seidauk bele fiar ba sira nia direitu ba rai nebe sira uza ka hela tanba sistema rai seidauk klaru. Konfuzaun ne’e hamosu konflitu iha komunidade no difikulta prosesu hari dame no  dezenvolvimentu. Tan sa haksesuk malu kona ba rai kontinua akontese hodi kauza bebeik konflitu no teri netik prosesu dezenvolvimentu.

Krize 2006 resulta ema nain 150,000 resin sai husi sira nia uma hodi ba hela iha fatin deslokadus durante tinan rua resin.  Krize 2006 fo indikasaun mai ita katak Timor-Leste nudar nasaun ida nebe potensial tebes ba konflitu.  Los duni katak krize 2006 ne’e mosu tan krize iha korpu militar nian maibe ikus mai mosu iha publiku tan iha interese ba barak uza oportunidade ne’e ba interese privadu no grupu nian. Nune’e bele dehan katak krize laos deit kauza husi buat fator mesak ida maibe iha multi- fator.

Parlamentu Nasional presiza halo diskusaun kle’an liu tan ba Proposta lei rai nebe Konsellu Ministru aprova ona hodi garante interese nacional povu Timor-Lestenian.  Hare ba katak rai ne’e direitu fundamental ema nian, baze ba moris, no identidade ema nian mak ita presiza lei ida nebe refleta duni identidade Timor-Leste nian.

Guvernu atu defini koperasaun sira nebe halo ho organizasaun no doadores sira nebe apoiu dezenvolvimentu administrasaun rai iha Timor-Leste atu halo kapasitasaun diak ba instituisaun Estadu nian ba implementasaun programa.  Koperasaun labele deit halao iha nivel politika deit maibe involve tekniku sira atu hatene prosesu sira nebe la’o durante implementasaun programa.

Ministra da Justisa no USAID atu publika MoU kona ba implementasaun Programa Hametin Direitu ba rai iha Timor-Leste“ Ita Nia Rai” atu publiku bele hetan asesu ba MoU refere. Ida ne’e importante atu garante transparensia ba implementasaun programa sira nebe iralasaun ho asunto fundamental hanesan rai nian.

Bele hetan relatorio iha ne’e.

Fundasaun Mahein, 14 July 2010.

Press Release

Land Dispute and National Instability in Timor-Leste

Fundasaun Mahein (FM) Nia Lian number 8 will discuss land disputes in Timor-Leste, which covers the land, properties, and Islands that are part of Timor, including the border areas which were divided by the foreign occupations of the Island of Timor. The report also highlights in depth, the problems that arose during the Portoguese invasion, and the land problems experienced during the Indonesian occupation, and during 1999.  The report also explains about the complexity of the land situation which is linked to land and development, land and instability and the strength of ownership rights over property. Lastly, FM ends with a conclusion and recommendations.

Land disputes have occurred since the Portuguese time and worsened during the Indonesian time, because of the ruin they caused in Timor-Leste in September of 1999. The 1999 violence forced people to leave their lands and homes, consequently, leaving their ownership documents and files to be burned and ruined. Most of the land documents lost, were those belonging to people who were pro independence.

In this edition being published FM will talk about the fact, that during 450 years of invasion in Timor-Leste, the Portuguese government only released 2.709 land certificates to their Portuguese subordinates and the local kings that were working for them.  On the other hand, FM points out, that during 24 years of the brutal Indonesian occupation in Timor-Leste, 44,091 land certificates were given to the Timorese who were affiliated with Indonesia, and were not people who were pro independence.

The complexity over land issues continued to be a big concern for many people. There is a lack of security regarding land claims, and the people are not confident of their ownership of their land and the houses they live in, because the system is not clear. This obscurity over land ownership has led to conflicts and has made the process of mantaining peace and development difficult. The land claims still being disputed, and other conflicts over property ownership, have been a major barrier for development activities.

The 2006 crisis forced 150,000 Timorese to become internaly displaced pesons for two years. That crisis has indicated to observers, that Timor-Leste has the potential for conflict in the future. It was clear enough, on the surface, that the crisis happened because of problems between the army and police. However, in  the end, the public noted that there were many political interests groups and individuals who were involved, in addition to the many unsolved problem that resurfaced. It can be noted that the cause was not from one single factor only, but it was a crisis caused by multiple factors.

FM recommends in the report, that The National Parliement needs to discuss in-depth, the special bill about property rights which was approved by the Council of Ministers, to guarantee national interest.  Rights over land are fundamental rights for everyone and based on life and personal identity which needs a law, that can reflect the indentity of all Timorese.

FM recommends that the Justice Minister and USAID publish the Memorandum of Understanding that is related to the implemantation of the “Ita Nia Rai” land registration program, so the public can better understand what the project is, and to better guarantee a transparent implementation process of the program.

For further information please contact Nélson Belo,

Director Fundasaun Mahein


tlp +670 737 4222

Click here to access the report in Tetun language.

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