Insidente Sira Ne’ebé Akontese iha Periodu 2012 no Impaktu ba Siguransa Nasional

Insidente Sira Ne’ebé Akontese iha Periodu 2012 no Impaktu ba Siguransa Nasional post thumbnail image

Fundasaun Mahein, 25 Janeiru 2013

Komunikadu Imprenza

Liu husi Mahein Nia Lian Nu. 44 (Relatorio Kompletu Versaun Tetum.pdf) deskreve kona-bá insidenti sira ne’ebé akontese iha 2012 nu’udar kauza husi problema polítika, sosial, ekonomia, kultural no ninia implikasaun bá siguransa nasional. Husi insidenti sira ne’ebé akontese Polisia Nasional Timor-Leste (PNTL) Servisu Investigasaun Kriminal (SIK) rejista kazu hamutuk 3736 iha teritoriu tomak.

Insidenti sira ne’ebé hakait hela iha Timor-Leste nia prosesu polítiku iha eleisaun jeral ne’ebé sai preokupasaun komunidade nian iha kampañia eleitoral no hafoin eleisaun hanesan ponte nakdoko ida ba estabilidade nasional. Prosesu ida ne’e rezulta grupu deskuiñesidu soe bomba iha edifisiu STAE no CNE nian no insidenti seluk akontese iha teritoriu tomak rezulta ema balu sai vitima, hetan kanek no mate inklui uma balu hetan estragus.

Iha tinan ida ne’e mos mosu insidenti seluk nu’udar kauza husi problema rai no propriedade ne’ebé rezulta ema balu hetan kanek, mate no estragus ba propriedade sira. Ida ne’e nu’udar konsekuensia husi difinisaun ba rai no na’in ba rai ne’ebé seidauk hatur iha serteza juridiku ida no lei ba rai nian la iha vontade polítika husi reprezentate povu iha uma fukun Parlamentu Nasional atu deskute desde tinan 2012 to’o agora.

Insidenti seluk fali sei hakait hela ho grupu juventude ne’ebé iha tendensia ba grupu arte marsial sira. Maske iha loron 22 Dezembru tinan 2011 Konsellu Ministru hasai ona rezolusaun hapara atividade arte marsial nian maibe iha kazu balu sei hakait ho grupu arte marsial ne’ebé indika akontese iha distritu Dili no Likisa.

Kazu seluk rezulta husi atakes husi grupu deskuiñesidu “Ninja” ne’ebé akontese iha loron 23 fulan Fevereiru tinan 2012, iha aldeia Konsin, suku Fatisi, subdistritu Laulara, distritu Aileu mane ida halo an hanesan “Ninja”, taka oin metin lori ai tomak baku señora ida ho nia oan wainhira fila husi bazar. Kazu ne’ebé hanesan mos akontese iha subdistritu Same, distritu Manufahi, mane ida lori katana ta’a katuas ida nia reen-tos to’o kanek.
Rejista mos insidenti seluk nu’udar kauza husi “tua manas ka alkohol” no lalaok insidenti nia motivu kompleksu tebes hakait ba problema familia, kultural, namorada, deve osan no problema seluk ne’ebé rezulta husi tua lanu no mosu diferensia ideais iha momentu hemu tua.

Kazu violensia domestika sei hakait hela sosiedade Timor-Leste no problema ne’e sai kompleksu liu tan maske violensia domestika konsidera hanesan krime públiku nu’udar hatur iha Lei Númeru 7/2010. Problema kompleksu tanba sei hakait ho sistema kultural nu’udar adopta iha familia Timor-Leste nian no ida ne’e to’o ohin loron ema balu seidauk intende lolos nu’udar krime ida.

Insidenti seluk ligadu ho siguransa públiku nian ne’ebé rjista asidenti sira iha estrada iha distritu 13 ho total kazu hamutuk 1913. Relatoriu Departamentu Tranzitu no Siguransa Rodoviaria – PNTL rejista ema mate 76, kanek kaman 1.381 no kanek todan 383. Verifika katak asidenti ne’ebé akontese fator ema 90% kontribui ba asidenti trafiku, fator viukulu 5% no fator estrada 5%.

Husi insidenti tomak ne’ebé akontese iha tinan 2012, Fundasaun Mahein konsidera nu’udar sasukat ida iha tinan 2013 no ba desizor sira hatur mekanismu prevensaun konflitu ne’ebé integradu hodi hametin paz no estabilidade. Fundasaun Mahein konsidera katak tinan 2013 hanesan faze tranzisaun ida ba Timor-Leste hafoin UNMIT retira husi Timor-Leste no nu’udar teste ida ba siguransa nasional.

Fundasaun Mahein nia Rekomendasaun:

a. Rekomenda ba Governu atu buka solusaun ne’ebé integradu ba problema sira ne’ebé nia kauza mai husi problema politika, sosial, ekonomia, arte marsial, violensia domestika, no insidenti sira seluk ne’ebé provoka instabilidade.

b. Presiza fortifika aprosimasaun polisiamentu komuninitaria iha sosiedade nia leet hodi hametin lei no orden inklui involvimentu komunidade nian iha prosesu foti desizaun tuir valores kultural nian. Tanba insidenti sira ne’ebé akontese tuir natureza no kultura distritu ida-idak nian no kompleksu tebes ne’ebé hakait iha kultura familia ida-idak nian.

c. Rekomenda mos ba parlamentu nasional diskuti no aprova lalais lei rai nian, ne’ebé oras ne’e dadaun iha ona meza parlamentu nasional.

d. Rekomenda ba Sekretaria Estadu Siguransa atu kria kondisaun ne’ebé diak ba PNTL Departamentu Tranzitu no Siguranda Rodoviaria atu nune’e bele kontrola serbisu trafiku nian iha teritoriu Timor-Leste laran tomak.

Atu hatene kle’an liu kona-bá asuntu ne’e bele kontaktu:

Nélson Belo
Diretur Fundasaun Mahein
Tlp: +670 7737 4222

Fundasaun Mahein, 25 January 2013

Press Release

Incidents That Occurred in the 2012 Period and Their Impact on National Security

Mahein’s Voice No 44 describes the major incidents that occurred in 2012 as consequences of political, social, economic, and cultural problems, as well as their implications for national security. The National Police of Timor-Leste (PNTL) have registered a total of 3736 such incidents from across Timor-Leste.

Some incidents were related to political processes in Timor-Leste, especially during the general elections, became public disturbances. These incidents shook the national stability.

This process resulted in an unrecognized group attempting to throw explosive devices into the offices of STAE and CNE. Incidents occurring in other places resulted in injury, death, and property damage.

It seemed other incidents were caused by problems of land and property. These incidents also resulted in injury, death, and property damage. These incidents were the consequences of blurry definitions regarding land and property ownership. Moreover, there has been a delay in the National Parliament to issue the law pertaining to land and property ownership that has been under discussion since 2012.

Other incidents were related to the youth gangs, namely the martial arts groups. On 22 December 2011, the Council of Ministers issued a resolution to halt martial arts activities. However, martial arts are still connected to social troubles in Dili and Liquica.

Some incidents resulted from the attacks by the unidentified group “Ninja”. On 23 February 2012, in the hamlet of Konsin, Village Fatisi, subdistrict Laulara, district Aileu, a man disguised himself as a “Ninja” and assaulted a woman and her child as they returned from the market. This also happened in Same, Manufahi, when a man brutally assaulted an old man and wounded his forehead.

It is reported that other incidents were caused by alcoholic beverages. Heated arguments after drinking resulted in serious harm. These incidents often had complex motives related to the problems of family, culture, romance, money loans, etc., which could not be solve at the time that alcohol became involved in the situation.

Domestic violence is a widespread and complex societal problem in Timor-Leste. Although it is considered as public crime according to the law No 7/2010, domestic violence is complex in that some people do not regard it as criminal violence in the cultural norms adopted by most families in Timor-Leste.

Another type of incident related to public security – traffic security – counted a total 1913 street accidents in the 13 districts of Timor-Leste. A report from the Transit and Traffic Security Department (of the PNTL) listed 76 deaths, 383 serious injuries, and 1.381 light injuries. The causes for these incidents were attributed 90% to human error, 5% to vehicle error, and 5% to road factors.

From the incidents that occurred in 2012, Fundasaun Mahein considers it a necessary measure to establish an integrated conflict prevention approach to preserve peace and stability in 2013. Fundasaun Mahein also considers 2013 as the year of transition to Timor-Leste in the aftermath of the UN exit and a test of national security.

Therefore, Fundasaun Mahein Recommends:

1. To the Government of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste: to find an integrated solution to the problems caused by political, social, economic, martial arts, and domestic violence, that provoke instability for Timor-Leste.

2. To the National Police of Timor-Leste (PNTL): to strengthen the approach of community police in society to uphold the rule of law and order, including making decisions according to the law while being mindful of cultural values. Because these incidents happen according to different cultures and contexts from district to district and family to family.

3. To the National Parliament of Timor-Leste: to discuss and approve the law pertaining to land ownership, which now sitting on the table of Parliament, immediately.

4. To the Secretary of State for Security: to create better conditions for the PNTL, especially their Transit and Traffic Security Department, so that they can control the traffic in all parts of Timor-Leste.

More Information please contact :

Nélson Belo
Diretur Fundasaun Mahein
E-mail :
Tlp : +670 7737 4222

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