Analysis of State Budget 2013 for Ministry of Defense and Security Civil Society Perspective

Analysis of State Budget 2013 for Ministry of Defense and Security Civil Society Perspective post thumbnail image

Fundasaun Mahein, 30 January 2013

Press Release

Analysis of State Budget 2013 for Ministry of Defense and Security Civil Society Perspective

Government has submitted the proposal of State General Budget (SGB) 2013 to the Parliament National and it is in the hearing process and to be discussed in February 2013.

Mahein Voice No 45 analyzes the allocation of State General Budget for Ministry of Defense and Security according to Civil Society Perspective. The proposed budget of SGB 2013 allocate $ 107, 259 million to the Ministry of Defense and Security. This budget derives from Consolidate Fund (FK) $64,506 million, Special Fund (FE) and Infra structure Fund $20,899.72 million and Donor Money $21,852 million. Allocation of Consolidate Fund to Ministry of Defense and Security totaling $ 64, 506 million; this fund is administered from the structure of Ministry of Defense and Security.

The Budget allocation to Ministry of Defense and Security in the expense category shown in the rubric of Salary and payment totaling $ 25,870, goods and services totaling $31,771, Public Transference totaling $200, Minor Capital totaling $5,541, and development capital $ 825. On the other hand, the budget allocation to each institution range from Cabinet of Ministry of Defense and Security $ 3,066, Secretary State of Defense $ 3,046, F-FDTL $ 24. 686, Secretary State of Security $ 8,461, and PNTL $ 24,648.

From State General Budget 2013 that allocate to Ministry of Defense and Security, Fundasaun Mahein (FM) argue there are some hindrance in the budget for the public expenses. In the Cabinet of Ministry of Defense and Security, there is $ 200 for individual payment, however there is no explanation in the budget book, therefore who and how many people shall be paid with this money

Fundasaun Mahein notes that SES allocate $ 211 to National Direction of Community Conflict Prevention (NDCCP) however there is no budget allocation to Community Police Department from PNTL. Fundasaun Mahein appeal to SES to reenforce the initiatives of District Commanders such the initiative of Bobonaro and Aileu District Commander to establish Council of Community Police (CCP) and District Liquisa established Security Volunteer that involved local authorities, youth groups, local leaders and martial arts groups. However the implementation of CCP and Security Volunteer is funded by donors. Therefore, SES needs to allocate money for Community Police to improve their services and human resource of Police community to carry out activities of conflict prevention to the village unlike NDCCP.

Another issue is vehicle maintenance. The budget for vehicle maintenance in F-FDTL totaling $2,181 and PNTL totaling $1,203. Fundasaun Mahein notes that there is no uniformity of vehicle purchase and usage which resulted in much damage that at the end burden the public expense and maintenance.

Another issue is to purchase security equipments for PNTL and F-FDTL for instance it is prescribed in the budget book to purchase 100 guns for Border Patrol Unit (BPU) and 250 guns for F-FDTL. Fundasaun Mahein question this act needs to involve the gun experts to carry out comprehensive study and analyze about the guns and it requires an agreement between government to government and government to company about the gun purchase.

Fundasaun Mahein Recommends;

a. To National Parliament Commission B, to conduct a rigid budget fiscalization to guarantee the execution of budget according to the plan.

b. To government to define a maintenance politic for the equipment in the PNTL and F-FDTL and other institution to create state public company to undertake maintenance and uniformity of vehicle.

c. To SES to rethink the duty and responsibility NDCCP, Fundasaun Mahein view this act as inefficient and inefficacy, also create the confusion in operation position.

d. To SES and SED to establish a team to involve the expert to conduct comprehensive study about gun to guarantee the quality of guns. and to establish an agreement between government and company to guarantee the gun control mechanism.

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