Timor-Leste Preokupa Kona-ba Kilat Foun Ne’ebé Halo kontratu ho Indonezia

Timor-Leste Preokupa Kona-ba Kilat Foun Ne’ebé Halo kontratu ho Indonezia post thumbnail image


Iha Segunda-Feira dia 10 Fevereiru 2014 Primeru Ministru no Ministru Defeza husi Timor-Leste Xanana Gusmão hasoru malu ho Ministru Defeza Indonezia, Poernomo Yusgiantoro hodi asina nota de intendimentu ida kona-bá Defeza nian ho sentidu atu hametin Siguransa no Defeza entre nasaun rua. Provisaun prisipal ida husi akordu ida ne’e mak Timor-Leste intensaun atu hola tan kilat husi Ministru Defeza Indonezia kopera ho PT. Pindad.

Akordu ida ne’e mak modelu foun Timor-Leste nian ne’ebé dependensia hela ba Indonezia kona-bá ekipamentu militar nian. Iha tinan 2012 Timor-Leste iha eskala boot liu kona-bá sosa kilat husi PT Pindad ho akordu ida ne’ebé ladun transparante hodi hamosu kiak; kilat ne’ebé produs husi Kompania Indonezia ne’e ho kualidade ne’ebé ladiak no barak liu la funsiona ho diak depois mos uza limitadu ona. Iha tinan ne’ebé hanesan governu mos planu ona hodi sosa tanki no blindadu ba pesoal hodi lori husi kompania ne’ebé hanesan mos. Dala ida tan prosesu ne’e falta transparansia no mosu fila fali relatoriu katak viatura militar sira nian mos ho kualidade ne’ebé ladiak.
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Fundasaun Mahein (FM) neon-susar ho Timor-Leste nian dependensia ba Indonezia ne’ebé aumenta ba dadaun kona-bá fornesementu militar nian. Autoriza Indonezia atu sai Timor-Leste nian disribuidor prinsipal ba kilat, ne’e hanesan desizaun ne’ebé ladiak ho rasaun balun. Razaun primeru ne’e simples katak produsaun kilat ne’ebe produs husi kompania PT Pindad ne’e ho kualidade ne’ebé deskonfiadu. Tambasa Timor-Leste kontinua nafatin halo negosiu ho kompania ne’ebé fa’an ona ba ita ekipamentu militar ne’ebé ladun funsiona no ho kualidade ne’ebé aas?

Importante mos hodi nota katak kilat ne’ebé produs husi PT Pindad ne’e monu ona iha grupu operasaun terorista nia liman iha Indonezia no mos iha Mindanao, Philipina. Ida ne’e mos la klaru katak los ka lae grupu terrorista hirak ne’e simu kilat sira ne’e direita husi PT. Pindad.
Falta atensaun ho disponibilidade husi kilat hirak ne’e sei fo ameasa siguransa ba iha Timor-Leste. Buka hatene responsibilidade ba violensia sei difikulta liu tan sekarik forsa siguransa no kriminozu ka terorista uza kilat ne’ebé hanesan.

Ameasa siguransa ida ne’e mak kontinua aas wainhira konsidera hanesan dalan aat ba forsa defeza Timor-Leste ne’ebé hatudu-an hodi kontrola ba sira nia kilat rasik. Mesmu kazu numeru balun kona-bá uza sala kilat no “lakon” husi membru siguransa, Timor-Leste mos seidauk implementa sistema kontrola no halo auditoriu ba kilat hodi monitora kilat ne’ebé atu sosa. laiha protesaun ida diak, ameasa sira ne’e sempre iha katak kilat sira ne’e sei uza sala ou monu ba ema ne’ebé lahatene uza nia liman.

FM mos kestiona moralidade kona-bá sosa kilat husi militar ida ne’ebé dadaun ne’e responsabel ba aktus balun husi krimi-boot hasoru ema Timor oan. Soldadu no lideransa barak responsabel ba direitus humanus hasoru Timor oan durante okupasaun Indonezia ne’ebé seiha forsa Indonezia nian, no kontinua promove liu husi diviza ne’ebé nakonu ho suporta husi forsa Indonezia. Asaun perfil ida ne’ebe komite husi soldadu Indonezia inklui asasinadu 1978 ba saudozu Timor oan ida Prezidenti Nicolau Lobato, no masakre Santa Cruz iha 1991. Kriminozu sira nunka simu justisa. Alendisiu, to’o ohin loron forsa Indonezia lakohi atu fo fila isin saudozu Nicolau Lobato ba ninia hela fatin hodi hakoi.

Oinsa governu Timor-Leste iha fiar ne’ebé diak hodi sosa kilat husi responsavel forsa ida durante dekadas ne’ebé halakon ninia ema? Karik ita-nia lideransa haluha ona kona-bá injustisa ne’ebé komete hasoru Timor oan sira iha forsa Indonezia nia liman? Serteza Timor-Leste tenki rai konflitu pasadu iha nia kotuk, maibe FM mantein katak iha futuru tenki hakerek tuir dalan ne’ebé moos, ho respeitu no konsidera ba istoria agora kona-bá nasaun ida ne’e.

Ida ne’e mos hanoin labele katak kriminozu sira kona-ba diretus humanus hasoru ita nia nasaun agora tenki halo lukru ba despeza Timor oan sira. Konserteza Timor-Leste bele halahat diak liu opsaun ba ninia aprovisionamentu kilat nian duke PT Pindad.
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FM husu governu no Ministru Defeza atu matan ba distribuidor kilat seluk ne’ebé bele fornese kualidade kilat ne’ebé aas no parseria los ho forsa defeza Timor Leste nian.
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Timor-Leste Strikes Troubling New Weapons Deal with Indonesia

On Monday (February 10, 2014) Timorese Prime Minister and Defense Minister Xanana Gusmao met with Indonesian Defense Minister Poernomo Yusgiantoro to sign a defense memorandum of understanding meant to boost security and defense ties between the two nations. One major provision of the agreement is Timor-Leste’s intention to purchase more weapons from the Indonesian state-owned defense corporation PT. Pindad

This deal is just the latest in Timor-Leste’s increasing reliance on Indonesia for military equipment. In 2012 Timor-Leste made a large-scale weapons purchase from PT. Pindad in a backroom deal that turned out poorly; the weapons produced by the Indonesian company were of poor quality and many malfunctioned after only limited use. In the same year, the government also planned to purchase tanks and armored personnel carriers from the same company. Once again the process lacked transparency and reports surfaced that the military vehicles were of poor quality.

Fundasaun Mahein (FM) is troubled by Timor-Leste’s growing dependence on Indonesia for military supplies. Allowing Indonesia to become Timor-Leste’s primary weapons supplier is a bad decision for a number of reasons. The first reason is simply that the products produced by the PT. Pindad company are of very suspicious quality. Why would Timor-Leste continue to do business with a company that has already sold us malfunctioning and substandard military equipment?

It is also important to note that weapons produced by PT. Pindad have fallen into the hands of terrorist groups operating in Indonesia as well as in Mindanao, Phillipines. Whether or not these groups received these weapons because of the company’s negligence in screening its customers is unclear. Regardless, the apparently vast availability of these weapons presents a security threat to Timor-Leste. Ascertaining responsibility for violence will be more difficult if both Timorese security forces and criminal or terrorist factions are using the same weapons.

This security threat is heightened further when considering the dismal track record Timorese defense forces have displayed for controlling their own weapons. Despite numerous cases of weapons abuse and weapons “misplacement” by security force members, Timor-Leste still has yet to implement a weapons control and auditing system to monitor the weapons it purchases. Without such a safeguard, there is always the threat that weapons will be misused or fall into the wrong hands.

FM also questions the morality of buying weapons from a military that was very recently responsible for numerous acts of atrocity against the people of Timor-Leste. Many of the same soldiers and leaders responsible for human rights abuses against the people of Timor during the Indonesian occupation are still in the Indonesian army, and continue to be promoted through the ranks with the full support of the Indonesian army. A couple of the more high profile acts committed by Indonesian soldiers include the 1978 assassination of Timor’s beloved late President Nicolau Lobato, and the infamous Santa Cruz massacre in 1991. The perpetrators never received justice. Furthermore, to this day the Indonesian Army refuses to return the bodily remains of Nicolau Lobato to his homeland to be buried where he belongs.

How can the Timorese government, in good faith, purchase weapons from an army responsible for decades of suppression and subjugation of its people? Have our leaders already forgotten about the injustices committed against the Timorese people at the hands of the Indonesian army? Of course Timor-Leste should put past conflicts behind it, but FM maintains that the future should be written in an honorable way, with respect and consideration for the recent history of this nation.

It is unthinkable that the perpetrators of human rights abuses against our nation should now make profits at the expense of the Timorese people. Surely Timor-Leste can pursue far better options in its weapons procurement search than PT. Pindad. FM urges the government and the Ministry of Defense to seek out another weapons supplier who can provide high-quality weapons and a true partnership with Timorese defense forces.

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