Kolokasaun Ofisial Polisia Suku no Dezafiu Sira

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(Foto: PNTL)

(Foto: PNTL)

Fundasaun Mahein (FM), 30 Jullu 2015

Komunikadu Imprensa

Liu husi Mahein Nia Lian Nú 101 (Versaun Tetum.pdf) (English Version.pdf) kona-bá Polisiamentu Komunitaria nu’udar filozofia Polisia Nasiona Timor-Leste (PNTL) nian no hatur ona iha iha Dekretu – Lei Nú. 09/2009, Loron 18 fulan Fevereiru, Lei Organika PNTL. Nune’e iha tinan 2014 PNTL mos pasa ona Planu Estratejiku 2014 – 2018 ho nia modelu polisiamentu hakoak filozofia polisiamentu komunitariu, liu husi adopta doutrina VIP – Vizibilidade; hatudu presenza polísia nian liu husi atividades polísial iha komunidade nia leet , Involvementu ; involvementu komunidade nian iha lala’ok siguransa hodi nune’e eduka ona komunidade sai mos na’in ba asaun sira siguransa no Profesionalismu; hatudu matenek iha ita nia atuasaun no atendementu, nakonu ho disiplina.

Hodi atinji objetivu estratejiku sira iha Planu Estratejiku PNTL 2014-2018. Ofisial Polisia Suku (OPS) hanesan elementu prinsipal husi Planu Estretejiku PNTL no implementador atividade estratejiku polisiamentu komunitaria Timor-Leste. Ho nia objetivu aumenta vizibilidade PNTL nian iha komunidade, estabelese parseria metin liu-tan ho lider komunitaria no autoridade relevante seluk no harii konfiansa komunidade nian ba PNTL iha asaun sira siguransa nian.

Maske nune’e desde tinan 2013 Komandu Jeral PNTL hahu ona koloka ona OPS ba suku to’o agora koloka ona iha suku 410 ho apoiu motorizada 123. Nune’e tuir orientasaun Komandu Jeral PNTL nian to’o tinan 2015 nia rohan OPS koloka ona iha suku 442 iha teritoriu tomak. Portantu komunidade nia ejijensia vizibilidade polisia nia sei menus, dalabarak sira la hetan atendementu husi polisia tanba dook husi sira no dalabalu komunidade solusiona sira nia problema ho violensia.

Hodi funsiona diak OPS nia kna’ar iha suku, sira mos hetan treinamentu no formasaun sira liga ho kna’ar OPS nian tantu iha rai laran no rai liur. OPS ne’ebé koloka iha suku hetan nomeasaun husi Komandante PNTL munisipiu nian. Ho nia rekezitu OPS ne’ebé iha suku ho nia diviza minimu Ajente Xefe no Kolokasaun ba OPS iha suku la hare ba mane ka feto no hotu-hotu la iha terminasaun ba idade. Maske nune’e tuir FM nia monitorizasaun maioria OPS ne’ebé koloka iha suku ho diviza Ajente no Ajente Prinsipal.

Maibe sei iha dezafiu prinsipal ida hodi funsiona OPS iha suku hanesan hela fatin, radiu komunikasaun, transporte no númeru PNTL iha munisipiu sira. Portantu OPS sira mai husi suku ne’ebé diferente no dook husi suku ne’ebé OPS sira koloka ba. Komunidade sira kestiona OPS sira nia serbisu, dalaruma problema ida akontese atendementu OPS nian tarde liu, tan OPS la hela iha suku.

OPS sira mos halo dupla serbisu iha suku rua ka tolu tan númeru polisia la to’o hodi kompleta suku seluk. Ho ida ne’e OPS sira dalaruma susar atu atende pedidu ruma husi komunidade ka lider komunitaira wainhira presiza OPS nia prezensa ka atende problema ruma iha tempu ne’ebé hanesan. OPS sira mos hato’o katak la’os deit halo serbisu nu’udar OPS iha suku maibe atende mos serbisu seluk iha eskuadra tanba númeru polisia la to’o. OPS sira mos dalaruma reforsa eskuadra hodi halo atendementu ba problema ruma iha suku seluk


Vizibilidade polisia nian iha komunidade sai ativu ona no marka ona katak to’o tinan klaran 2015, OPS koloka ona suku 410 no suku 32 seidauk kobre maske preparasaun ka treinamentu ba OPS sira kompletu ona ba suku 442. Nune’e mos menus husi metade OPS ne’ebé koloka iha suku hetan ona apoiu motorizada. Enkunatu sei falta radiu komunikasaun, menus númeru PNTL iha munisipiu no preokupasaun boot liu maka hela fatin ba OPS sira.

Tanba ne’e FM rekomenda:

1. Parlamentu Nasional presiza apoiu polítika no fiskalizasaun ba serbisu OPS nian iha suku. Enkuantu preokupasaun barak kona-bá funsionamentu OPS maibe seidauk hetan atensaun diak ba nesesidade sira OPS nian hanesan hela fatin, radiu komunikasaun no transporte. Iha ne’ebé durante nee Parlamentu Nasional rasik preokupa kona-bá prezensa polisia nian iha komunidade nia leet.

2. Governu presiza hatur iha liña orientasaun no implementasaun ba polisiamentu komunitaria partikularmente ba OPS iha planu annual no orsamentu nian hodi atinji vizaun sira iha Planu Estratejiku Dezenvolvimentu Nasionl(PEDN) 2030, Panlu Estratejiku Interna 2030.

3. PNTL presiza iha seriedade ba implementasau Planu Estratejiku PNTL 2014 – 2018. Hodi responde asaun husi komponenti prinsipal iha planu estraretejiku PNTL nian polisiamentu komunitaria nia doutrina VIP.

Atu hetan informasaun kle’an liu kona-bá asuntu ne’e bele kontaktu:

Nélson Belo
Diretor Ezekutivu
Email: direktor.mahein@gmail.com
Telemovel: (+670) 78316075 no 77561184
Website: www.fundasaunmahein.org

Fundasaun Mahein (FM), 30 July 2015

Press Release

The Placement of Official Village Police (OPS) and its

As a result of the decree law No. 09/2009, passed on February 18 in regards to the PNTL organic law, community policing has become the official philosophy of the National Police of Timor-Leste (PNTL). This philosophy has further been consolidated when in 2014 the PNTL approved a strategic plan (2014-2018) that adopted a community policing philosophy called HAKUAK (Hug) and adopting the VIP (Vizibilidade, Involvimentu and Profesionalizmu) doctrine. This breaks down to: Visibility, this shows the police’s presence in terms in regards to police activities in the field; Involvement, involving the community in the security process by educating residents to on community security; Professionalism, this shows the police taking a disciplined and dilligent approach to working in the community.

In following the strategies proposed in the PNTL strategic plan 2014-2018, OPS (Official Village Police) is a necessary key plank needed to achieve all the goals stated in this plan. This is due to the fact that the OPS takes up the key roles of Community Policing by being the main outlet of the PNTL that explicitly interacts with the community. They thus increase PNTL’s visibility in the field, works to strengthen partners, local leaders and other community authorities and attempt to increase residents’ trust in the PNTL.

The PNTL has so far made great strides in setting up OPS posts in most villages so far, with 410 villages and 123 villages serviced by motorbike being set up since 2013. This is set to expand further with PNTL General Commander demanding that by the end of 2015, OPS posts are to be been set up in 442 villages across the territory of Timor-Leste. This will target residents’ concerns on police visibility as at times local residents can have difficulty getting police attention due to the geographic distance between villages.

This program to increase the amount of OPS in villages has been accompanied by an increased focus on structure and skills with notably training programs being run both domestically and abroad. OPS are also designated villages nominated by the PNTL municipality commander with a minimum rank of chief assistant or a similar qualification without regard to sex or age. These policies on rank however do not seem to be been reflected to reality with FM’s monitoring finding that a majority of OPS in villages holding ranks of Agent or Principal Agent.

There are some other important challenges that also need to be addressed in order for the POS to work effectively in the community. A key factor is a lack of resources available to POS to conduct their mission. At times POS have reported not being able to afford communications or being able to find transport to get to a crime scene resulting their late arrival and being unable to solve the issue.

This can quite often be exacerbated when OPS have responsibility in more than one village due to a lack of police numbers, it is thus hard for POS officers to respond to residents and local leaders concerns in a timely manner when a OPS officers presence is needed to solve a problem.


The POS are currently in the process of increasing their visibility which will mean that by the middle of 2015 the OPS should have been placed in 410 villages, this however is currently behind schedule as 32 villages still do not have OPS members. In fact FM monitoring has found that in some of the villages OPS members have still not completed the required training nor have some POS members have suitable transport or communication equipment to respond to incidents in a timely manner.

FM recommends that:

1. The National Parliament support OPS policy in villages and addresses concerns of OPS performance and lack of access to transport and communication equipment.

2. The government to define the structure and implementation of community policing, particularly in regards to the OPS, in the annual action and budget plans in order to achieve the visions of the National Development Strategic Plan (PEDN), 2030 and the Internal Strategic Plan of 2030.

3. The PNTL to take concrete actions to assist the implementation of the PNTL strategic plan 2014-2018, by conducting police actions more in line with the community policing policies or the VIP doctrine.

For more details on this issue please contact:
Nélson Belo
Executive Director of FM
Web: www.fundasaunmahein.org
E-mail: direktor.mahein@gmail.com
Phone: (+670) 78316075 no 77561184

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