Implementasaun VIP iha Instituisaun PNTL “Prespetiva Sosiedade Sivil”

Implementasaun VIP iha Instituisaun PNTL “Prespetiva Sosiedade Sivil” post thumbnail image
(Foto: PNTL)

(Foto: PNTL)

Fundasaun Mahein (FM), 29 Dezembru 2015

Komunikadu Imprensa

Liu husi Mahein Nia Lian Nú 106 (Versaun Tetum.pdf ) (English Version.pdf) kona-bá implementasaun modelu polísiamentu ne’ebé Polísia Nasional Timor-Leste (PNTL) adopta. Modelu polísimanetu ne’ebé hako’ak filozofia polísiamentu komunitária nian liu husi doutrina VIP – Vizibilidade, Involvimentu, no Profesionalismu. Vizibilidade aas polísia nian halo katak komunidade sente seguru, involvimentu komunidade nian halo komunidade sente katak sira hola parte, no hatan ho profesionalismu hodi nune’e serbisu polísia nian satisfaz komunidade.

Implementasaun VIP la refere ba unidade, departamentu, servisu, no seksaun sira. Maibe refere ba aprosimasaun PNTL nian iha instituisaun nia laran entre PNTL no komunidade. Iha ne’ebé durante ne’e ho hanoin seluk katak polísiamentu komunitária hala’o deit husi Departamentu Polísia Komunitária no Ofisial Polísia Suku (OPS) ne’ebé koloka ona iha suku hodi serbisu besik liu ho komunidade. Hanesan mos doutrina polisiamentu PNTL nian signifika katak membru hotu-hotu tenki komuga no aplika iha nia polísiamentu hanesan karakterístika ida husi asaun sira PNTL nian.

Vizibilidade polísia nian ho parseria ne’ebé dadaun ne’e estabelese ona relasaun iha komunidade, no involve komunidade hanesan na’in ba asaun siguransa no sira sente katak sira hola parte. Komunidade sira fiar katak serbisu ida ne’e maka nesesariu tebes hodi ajuda dezenvolve instituisaun PNTL ho profesional hodi mantein siguransa, orden públika no trankuilidade iha komunidade nia leet. Maske sei iha dezafiu barak iha implementasaun VIP.

Difikuldade hirak ne’e relasaun ho fasilidade sira hodi ajuda fornese serbisu ne’ebé efetivu ba komunidade. Enkuantu empeñamentu sira husi membru PNTL nian liga ho atuasaun sira husi PNTL ne’ebé públiku dalabalu kestiona bebeik serbisu ne’ebé ho profesionalismu. FM fiar katak ho implementasaun Planu Estratéjiku PNTL 2014-2018 ne’ebé kompriende objetivu estratéjiku lima iha área lejislasaun, formasaun, administrasaun, dixiplina no operasaun sei mellora diak serbisu sira PNTL nian ho profesional.


1. Parlamentu Nasional Komisaun B kontinua halo fiskalizasaun ba implementasaun Planu Estratéjiku PNTL 2014-2018.

2. Ministériu Interior no Komandu Jeral PNTL liu husi Gabinete Inspesaun no Auditoria (GIA) no Inspetor Jeral PNTL kontinua halo inspesaun no avaliasaun ba serbisu polísia nian hodi identifika nesesidade no difikuldade sira ne’ebé PNTL hasoru hodi ajuda realiza objetivu estratéjiku sira ne’ebé difine ona iha Planu Estratéjiku PNTL 2014-2018.

3. Ministériu Interior no Komandu Jeral PNTL kontinua investe iha rekursu umanu ho tulun fasilidade sira hodi mellora polisiamentu ne’ebé dadaun ne’e hetan desezu maka’as husi komunidade.

4. Públiku tomak akompañia serbisu ne’ebé dadaun ne’e PNTL realiza liu husi VIP no kontinua fo opiniaun konstrutivu sira hodi enkoraza serbisu ne’ebé ho profesionalismu.

Atu hetan informasaun kle’an liu kona-bá asuntu ne’e bele kontaktu:

Nélson Belo
Diretor Ezekutivu
Telemovel: (+670) 78316075 no 77561184

Implementation of ‘VIP’ Policy inside the PNTL
“A Civil Society Perspective”

Fundasaun Mahein (FM), December 29th 2015

Press Release

This report will explain the implementation of police patterns that have been adopted by the National Police of Timor-Leste (PNTL). The PNTL model encompasses the philosophy of community policing through a doctrine called ‘VIP’—Visibility, Involvement, and Professionalism. The visibility of police makes the community feel secure, involvement in the community makes an active participant in security progress, and professionalism from police services can assure and build confidence from the community.

The implementation of VIP does not break down along unit, departmental, service and section lines, but instead applies to the PNTL’s approach inside the institutiton with communities across Timor-Leste. Views have been posited that community policing standards have only been conducted by the community policing department and village police officers (OPS), that have been placed in villages to work closely with the local community. The doctrine of the PNTL mandates that all members of the PNTL must obey and apply policing rules as characteristic action in PNTL operations.

The visibility of police with community partners establishes relationships within the community, and involvement in the community establishes a layer of security and safety in which community members can feel actively participatory. The communities’ trust in such services is necessary in supporting the development of the PNTL’s professionalism and maintaining security, public order and tranquility amongst the communities, even while the institution continues to grow and adapt to implementation of the ‘VIP’ philosophy.

The PNTL continues to face difficulties related to proper facilities and support for effective services for local communities. Meanwhile, the performances of PNTL members often lack the professionalism expected of national police forces, raising concerns from local citizens of the quality of policing. FM believes that by implementing the PNTL strategic plan 2014-2018 to adapt five (5) strategic purposes in areas including legislation, training, administration, discipline, and operations, will greatly improve the professional services of the PNTL.


1. The National Parliament Committee B continues supervising the implementation of the PNTL strategic plan 2014-2018.

2. Ministry of the Interior, PNTL General Command through the Cabinet for Inspection and Audits (GIA), and General Inspector of the PNTL continue to make inspections and assessments of policing services, and identify necessities and difficulties faced by PNTL in the goal of realizing those strategic purposes that have been defined in the PNTL Strategic Plan 2014-2018.

3. Ministry of the Interior and PNTL General Command continue investing in human resources and support for facilities in order to continue to improve police services, which have recently received praise in local communities.

4. The entire public facilitate the recent services conducted by the PNTL through ‘VIP,’ and continue to support constructive opinions to encourage improvement in professional services.

For more details on this issue please contact:
Nélson Belo
Executive Director
Phone: (+670) 78316075 no 77561184

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