Aktor Seitor Seguransa Tenke Haforsa Komunikasaun ho Povu

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(Foto: FM)

(Foto: FM)

Hosi krize 2006 to mai kazu dadaun ne’e kona-bá Mauk Maruk ho nia grupu KRM, tutan tan ho protesta foin dadaun ne’e hosi eis Komandante L7 ho problema seluk iha Dili laran, ho eventu sira seluk nakunu ho dis-informasaun, rumores ka gosip mak barak liu.

Istoria kona-bá seguransa dadaun ne’e iha Timor-Leste hatudu lolos katak, informasaun sala nakunu ho rumoris iha potensia boot ne’ebé naklekar iha komunidade nia let.
Ida ne’e hamosu situasaun tauk ho sentementu laseguru nu’udar sidadaun dame na’in no inspira atu provoka komunidade hamosu problema. Ida ne’e halo frustrasaun katak insidente kiik lolos bele hases-an, no hapara nia eskalasaun tuir hahalok simplis ida hanesan komunikasaun. Ida ne’e problema ne’ebé Fundasaun Mahein (FM) alerta sai tiha ona.

Maibe surpreza tebes Polisia Nasional Timor-Leste (PNTL) hanesan los retira hosi problema ida ne’e. (estabelesementu koordenasaun nasional ba sistema komunikasaun públiku nian maka husi nu. 17 kona-bá objetivu administrasaun Planu Estratejiku PNTL nian). Komunikasaun dala ruma ilustra hosi pajina PNTL nian Facebook, oportunidade barak tebes bele halo komunikasaun ho ema barak (liu-liu joven sira iha Facebook) ema liu hosi media dadaun ne’e popular liu ona. Maibe nota iha PNTL nia Facebook ne’e friends ho ema nain 7 deit, depois nunka update. Ida ne’e esplika ba ita katak PNTL nia fokus komunikasaun ho hardware boot liu, duke ko’alia ho públiku, ne’e sorin ida.

Sorin seluk, katak ida ne’e laos ona surpreza boot, tamba tuir The Asian Foundation (TAF) nia survei kona-bá Polisiamentu Komunitariu, hatudu katak ema barak liu mak hetan informasuan liu hosi televizaun, radio atu simu informasaun liu-liu kona-bá situasaun siguransa duke liu hosi PNTL. Ne’e los duni, PNTL rasik mos sintuniza informasuan liu hosi radio ka televizaun duke liu hosi sira nia institusaun rasik.

Maibe lolos ne’e PNTL iha kna’ar konstitusional responsabilidade ba seguransa interna, problema dis-informasaun laos sai responsabilidade tomak ba PNTL. Faktus hatudu katak laiha ema ida mak hatene liu atu responsabiliza, no atu fiar liu ba: Gabinete Presidensial Republika nian ka?, Ministeriu Negosiu Estarajeiru no Kooperasaun ka?, Komando Jeneral PNTL ka? Komandante PNTL Munisipiu nian ka?, membru PNTL bain-bain diet ka?, FALINTIL-FDTL ka?, Embaixada estrageiru ho Organizasaun sira ne’ebé halo servisu ba seitor seguransa?, ka kolegas serbisu ka ema vizinus sira?

Atu resolve kona-bá Timor-Leste nia seguransa importante liu maka ema sira ne’ebé toma pozisaun boot iha seitor seguransa tenke inisiativa maka’as atu tur hamutuk halo serbisu komunikasaun ho públiku kona-bá informasaun públiku ba isu siguransa. Sira tenke tur hamutuk halo koordenasaun intelejensia ho organizasaun intelejensia nian, depois nomea ema ida atu sai portavoz sentral atu bele garante kualidade informasaun ida ne’ebé kredibel, no bele públika sai ba públiku ho efektivamente. Karik informasaun falsu, rumores ruma, tenke atende ho “didiak no lalais” no halo los tuir fokal point sira ne’ebé iha.

Stratejia komunikasaun foun mos bele sai ezame ida ne’ebé efektivu liu atu públika sai ho formalmente ba públiku, ezemplu: uza media eletroniku hanesan televizaun, ou SMS nune’e mos media online hanesan Facebook, dadaun ne’e sai trendi ba Timor-oan sira uza. Stratejia ida ne’e mos bele utuliza wainhira iha inudasaun ka desastre natureza seluk.

FM fiar katak ida ne’e laos buat ida ne’ebé difikulta liu ka karun liu atu ezekuta, maibe ida ne’e hanesan meius ida persiza serbisu hamutuk, organiza malu, no halo kordenasaun ba sistema no prosesa. Ida ne’e urjenti liu katak seitor seguransa utuliza sistema hanesan ne’e, karik lae, maka informasaun pasadu, informasaun falsu ka rumores bele aproveita hafahe no prenxe problema.


1. Savi ba autor seguransa sira iha Timor-Leste hanesan PNTL, FALINTIL-FDTL, Ministeriu sira ne’ebe iha ligasaun ba asuntu ne’e, tenki halo preoritiza estabelese planu komunikasaun nasional ho sistema protokolu lalais ho efektivu atu fornese informasaun importante, lolos no konsitensia kona-bá problema seguransa ba komunidade.

The Security Sector Must Improve Communication With Public

From the crisis in 2006 and the ongoing Mauk Maruk (KRM) issues to recent events of gang violence and “L-7” troubles in and around Dili, the common themes in all these events has been disinformation, rumour and gossip.

The recent security history in Timor-Leste clearly shows that misinformation and gossip has the potential to spread within communities, raising fears and feelings of insecurity in peaceful citizens and inspiring and provoking some in the community to cause problems. This is a problem that Fundasaun Mahein has raised before and it is frustrating that many incidents stopped from escalating, or avoided entirely, through something as simple as better public communication.

Yet surprisingly the Polisia Nacional Timor-Leste (PNTL) appear to be retreating from this issue (the establishment of a nationally coordinated public communications system is at the bottom of 17 Administrative objectives in the PNTL Strategic Plan). The communications is perhaps best illustrated by the PNTL Facebook page, a great opportunity to communicate with many (especially young) people through an increasingly popular medium, but currently with only 7 friends and no updates. It is clear that the PNTL’s focus is very on improving (the necessary) internal communications hardware and systems, but not on speaking to the public.

It is not surprising then that the TAF Community Police Survey showed that far more people turn to the television, radio or the community to receive information about security than the PNTL. Indeed, it also showed that the police themselves are far more likely to turn to the television then their own organisation to receive such information.

But while they are Constitutionally responsible for internal security the problem of misinformation is not entirely the PNTL’s. The fact is that in a security situation no one quite knows who to turn to or believe: The Office of the President? The Ministry of the Interior? The PNTL Central Command? The PNTL District Command? Local PNTL officers? The F-FDTL? Foreign Embassies’ or INGO’s security assessments? Your boss’s and colleagues, friends and neighbours?.

To resolve this Timor’s key security agencies need to come together to initiate a framework for communicating with the public on security issues. They need to better gather, assess and coordinate intelligence between internal security organisations, and then nominate a single, centralised, focal point (spokesperson) to provide credible information to departments, organisations, officials and the general public across the entire nation. A set of protocols should include checks and balances to ensure that any communication is relevant to the threat level and will not inflame a situation. False information, rumours and gossip should also always be addressed quickly and corrected through this focal point.

A new communications strategy could also examine the most effective ways to communicate official information to the public, such as by using traditional media such as television or new mediums such as SMS or social media that is increasingly available and used by Timorese. Such a strategy could also be used in other situations such as warning and directing citizens before, during and/or after natural disasters.

FM believes that this is not a difficult or overly costly problem to overcome – rather it is one that requires only basic cooperation, organisation and partnership. It is urgent that the Government and security sector takes the lead in developing such systems as, if they fail to, past events have shown that false information will always fill this gap.


1. Key Security Sector Actors including the PNTL, FFDTL and Ministries prioritise the creation of a national communications plan and protocols that can quickly and effectively provide critical, clear and consistent information regarding security issues to the general public.

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